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How do you effectively compare builds?

I remember years ago when there weren't as many players or as much social media attention and money to be made (youtube, twitch, etc) there weren't as many build guides and when they were made they were a lot more.. truthful than they are nowadays.

These days everyone just stuffs as many buzzwords and capital letters in their guide name as possible, and makes the POB DPS as high as possible whether realistic or not.

As someone who doesn't have time to play this game as if it's a full time job, taking a build to lvl 80-90 end game and realizing I don't like it, or it was falsely advertised is a pain in the ass.

I'm looking right now to make a final build for this league, I normally only make 1-2 per league, but this time I made 2 that I didn't like, and finally on the 3rd I was happy with it but it doesn't feel like it's going to be a GG build I can feel overpowered with.. so now i'm looking around for a 4th.

Just looking around for options it's overwhelming how many build guides people make now, there's entire websites dedicated to it, and they all will swear up and down their is by far the #1 build you'll ever play.

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So when you're looking for your next build, how do you effectively gauge what you're looking at before you decide to play it?

One big thing to me recently has been how 'busy' it is. Like flasks are already a pain in the ass enough, if I have to press 6 skills every second to keep the build rolling through a map.. plus 4 flasks.. i'm not going to last long on it. Same goes for tankiness, sure maybe I have 50mil shaper DPS but if I die anytime a white mob even looks in my direction.. there's a problem here.

But I'll look at skills i've never played before like crackling lance, shattering steel, cremation, etc etc and other than watching someone play a sped up video over EDM music roll through a T16 map.. it's pretty hard to gauge how the build will actually 'feel' to play.


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