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How i fixed ping spikes in PoE

Content of the article: "How i fixed ping spikes in PoE"

I've been playing PoE for 3 years and everything was fine. But then i changed my provider and faced ping spikes problem. When i stay at Hideout ping is ok and stable, but in situations like delirium + beyond + etc etc etc ping was spiking for 500+ every 0.5 seconds. Server change didn't help. Literally unplayable, so because of that i've left poe. In other games such as Counter strike, Dota, For Honor i have excellent connection.Forum posts with cool advice to check useless WinMTR logs or change provider can't help thousands of people and me too. Yesterday I found something that really fixes all spikes (at least for me)…. Omg i'm so so happy, i almost forgot how to play normally without PAIN in my eyes and my brain. Main problem in my situation was bufferbloat. Bufferbloat is the undesirable latency that comes from a router or other network equipment buffering too much data. I think it's because sometimes poe has too many syncs with server at the same time such as item drops, mobs damage etc. So… What you need to do.

1. Go to and click "Gigabit/Fiber" button.My results before fix:

2. If u have similar picture, you simply need to create Bandwidth Control that limits download and upload speed. You can make it in your router settings. Google how to make it with your router model. I have netis WF2780:

3. Final results. Lags are gone weeeeeeeeew >.<

it remains to understand how to solve the problem with freezes due to the endless loading of micro elements… (it's impossible) PepeSad

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