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How to ACTUALLY Heist

I took my first break since league launch and noticed lots of people were complaining about heist and the loot, so I decided to write up some helpful tips before I sleep. I’ve already made a few ex off heist alone and none of my drops have been worth more than 10c.

  1. Don’t interact with heist before maps unless you really enjoy it, marker rates aren’t worth the time spent early

  2. You don’t need to get the end reward to finish a heist, nor do you even need to trigger the alarm. Retrieving the end reward let’s you double-triple your rogue marker investment and gain follower xp, but at great risk and a larger time investment

  3. If you want to get the end reward, it’s ideal to fill your bar up roughly 30-50% of the way, then clear all the way to the end reward so doors are open/clear, finally, loot the last lot of chests you want (Leaving the large one till last) without straying too far from the end so that you can loot the end reward within the 20 second alarm period

  4. If you don’t want the end reward, simply loot to about 80-90% of the bar and just leave your heist as you would if you were trying to escape. You keep all your loot.

  5. Heist rewards are largely about balancing follower progression against currency rewards, you can maximise currency rewards and minimise risk if you don’t mind progressing followers slower

  6. Rogue markers are quite plentiful from maps. I earn markers only slightly faster from heists than from maps (because you pay a fee to heist) and therefore, I’d argue that as long as you do both, you can focus more on heist loot than running to the end and back

  7. You will need to be very tanky to survive running to the end in higher level heists, so if you’re dying on your way out, adopt a no alarm play style

  8. If you really want to progress followers, you can run to the end and forgo loot. Filling the bar up only a bit means it’s easier to escape

  9. Whakano sells contracts really cheap and they seem to refresh regularly (I think when you level?), for one chance orb you can run in, loot 10~ small chests and run out in a few minutes having made a massive return on investment

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