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How to harvest-craft explode chest with zero currency

Well, zero currency except for the crusader chest (and maybe a little bit for bench crafts).

Most guides for crafting this item focus on using rare and expensive targeted augments/annulls, or "remove x, add x" crafts. I'm going to show you how to make this chest using only the most common crafts: "reforge phys", "remove non-phys, add phys", "remove non-life, add life", "remove non-fire/cold, add fire/cold".

1) use reforge phys on your crusader chest. You now have an armor with a random phys mod. Repeat this step until you have at least 5 affixes. If you have 5 affixes, bench craft any random cheap affix.

2) use "remove non-phys, add phys" 3 times. Now you'll have an armor with phys mods on 3 prefixes and 1 suffix, 6 total affixes, and one of the prefixes is guaranteed to be the explode mod.

3) use "remove non-life, add life" repeatedly, until you've deleted all of the phys prefix mods except for explode. Keep in mind that you definitely have a chance of deleting the explode mod. If that happens, go back to step 2 until you get it back, or restart from the beginning, depending on which crafts you have more of.

At this point, your item basically looks like this:

  • +Life
  • +Life/+armor
  • Explode
  • Regenerate x life per second/x% additional physical damage reduction
  • Random suffix
  • Random suffix
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4) repeatedly use your "remove non-fire/cold, add fire/cold" crafts to fill out your resists, alternating the elements until you get both types. Do NOT use the lightning version, since crusader chest has a lightning prefix, which means that you can accidentally remove the explode mod. If you want lightning resist, craft a fire or cold resist first, then use the fairly common "replace x resist with lightning of the same tier" craft.

your armor looks like this:

  • +Life
  • +Life/+armor
  • Explode
  • Fire resist
  • Cold resist
  • Random suffix

You can now use your expensive targeted augments and annulls to get t1 life, t1 resists, etc. The explode mod is safe as long as you don't use a craft that can remove random prefixes.

Hopefully this has been helpful.


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