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How two casuals farmed a mirror

Content of the article: "How two casuals farmed a mirror"

This league, my friend and I set out to farm a mirror. Here’s how it went and what we learned along the way.

tl;dr: start buying shards as soon as you can

Our brilliant, well thought out masterplan was to convert everything to exalteds until we can afford a mirror.

As of today (66 days into the league), my /played in heist is 8d, 4h, 21m, my friend is at 13d, 1h, 58m.

So we both don’t really like the super hype currency farming meta tier 17+ delirium maps with headhunter builds or – sorry – “broken” things like exalt trinkets and duplicating blueprints. While this certainly is a valid way of making a lot of currency, it didn’t feel right to us and would have required an initial investment we’d rather put towards our mirror goal. We wanted to do it “our” way. Slow but steady. Mapping, bossing, the occasional delving, a nicely setup Betrayal board so we could quickly level awakened gems and make pure chayula breachstones.

We agreed on not taking our characters too far but instead stop to invest once we could comfortably farm end game content. My starter was an ice trap saboteur and I made a new character, a bladefall/blade blast chieftain, around a month ago, he played a self cast arc necromancer all league. Did I mention we don’t like meta things? :p

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We did a LOT of chaos recipe in the beginning of the league, when ex were like 40c. Felt totally weird to be able to buy exalted orbs at that rate, but for our project it certainly was a welcome change. After every session, we converted our chaos into exalts.

For high value gambles, we mostly decided not to take them. Like cortexes for example.

Other things we sold instead of ran/used:

  • Uber elder fragments
  • Delve scarabs
  • Shaper fragments (encounter is just too long and boring to run and we both have the hideout already)
  • Later in the league: Stacked decks
  • Anient orbs
  • Divines

Another thing we did was throw our fusings into body armors that sold well. We managed to 6-link a cloak of defiance, an inpulsa and six shavs and sold all of them uncorrupted 6 linked. This made us about 40 ex, we didn’t count the fusings though.

Then, on november 8th, I got an unrequited love card from a stacked deck and had a sort of bright moment. Why not buy mirror shards instead of try to save up for the entire mirror? Unfortunately, had we had this idea earlier, we could have finished the mirror waaaaay earlier. Around one month into the league, we had around 120 ex and mirror shards were at about 15 ex each. We started buying at 25 ex around two weeks ago and today they are at 34 ex.

I made a low effort video of putting together the shards just as a memory for myself. If you’ve never seen a mirror being created,

Other notable drops were: – 2 trap corruption on tinkerskin that – after I used it for 2 months – sold for 23 ex – 1 The doctor – 1 The fiend – 2x Mastermind helmet (when they were like 280c) – Eary Inpulsa we managed to 6-link – Bottled faith from Zana cortex – Several cortex maps – Awakened spell echo (which we did not sell but kept for my friend’s build) – 1% mana reserved corruption on conqueror’s efficiency that sold for 20 ex – Malevolence Watcher’s eye that sold for 17 ex – Hatred pen/Precision crit multi Watchers eye that sold for 70 ex – Hatred Watcher’s eye that sold for 15 ex – 1x requited love from stacked decks – Some temple minion weapon that sold for 8 ex

And now: May it rot in my standard stash as a trophy forever


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