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Huge GIVEAWAY, you choose what you get! NO LOSERS, everyone gets something!

Content of the article: "Huge GIVEAWAY, you choose what you get! NO LOSERS, everyone gets something!"

STATUS: This specific giveaway is over, but I will hold 1 more giveaway with a few big winners this evening. Total amount handed out so far: ~550-600ex. Make sure to check the subreddit tonight! No idea how I'm gonna 1-up that next league, jesus that's a lot of money!
The whole experience has been pretty wholesome so far, with the exception of a few people who kept spamming me with multiple characters, but I guess there are always some black sheep.

I gave away over 5000 chaos and dozens of ex to a few hundred people in the middle of last league and despite the ton of trades and clicking I had to go through, I enjoyed it, so here I am again to give away even more money to 1-up myself 😀

Whether you're missing a couple more chaos for your next upgrade or you just wanna grab free money for the sake of it, don't hesitate to take advantage of this!

Please only message me once and don't abuse this. I want as many people as possible to get something.

How to get free money (game devs hate this one simple trick!):

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Step 1: Message me ingame @ Stealveed , (edit) everyone just gets an ex now!

Step 2 (optional but highly appreciated): Leave a completely random comment below. Just write whatever you feel in the moment.Upvotes would be cool aswell, as better visibility means more people see this and get to grab their portion of the pile!

I have a solid amount of cash in my bank, so go Wild! I'll keep handing out money today and tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow aswell, if people are gonna keep messaging me.

Cheers and talk to you ingame!

EDIT1: Ok, so far more people have asked for 69c than for 1ex. I'm proud of you all (even though that means more clicking for me than 1ex lol)

EDIT2: I'm starting to get swamped, so don't worry if I don't respond right away. Just pay attention when I invite you. I'm slowly working my way through my chat.

EDIT3: The 69c club officially deprived me of all of my 5k+ chaos orbs. From now on you all get 1ex!

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Huge shoutout to @ DiizNuts ingame, he just gave me like another 150ex+ of gear and money to keep this going lol


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