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Hyaon’s Fury Slayer 3.14

Looking for help to finalize a Hyaon's Fury slayer build I've been putting together. PoB can be found here:

I've always wanted to build a duelist using Frenzy / Hyaon build but always ran into a few glaring issues that never made it work. These main issues being:

  • Duelist has been historically bad at scaling lightning / non-physical conversion damage
  • Frenzy's needed both ancestral call and melee splash to have any real clear speed. This in turn crippled its DPS or forced gem swaps.
  • Poor defensive pathing while being forced into the right side of the tree made it feel like I was playing a much worse Ranger or Shadow.

After many patches I think a lot of the problems that got in the build's way have been alleviated due to ascendancy, passive tree, and skill changes. First off damage scaling. Slayer can make any weapon a good critical weapon thanks to its ascendancy nodes giving any weapon 8% base crit. Duelist / Ranger have large amounts of critical scaling, especially for swords. This means Hyaon's can be scaled like a critical weapon instead of having to fish around for elemental damage.

Secondly Ancestral Cry now exist. Frenzy's poor area coverage is now mostly alleviated without having to put in a clear speed gem since you now always have ancestral call from the warcry. Lastly with the updated enduring cry endurance charges are far easier to generate and maintain. Since slayer can have endurance charges equal to its frenzy charges it should be much easier to build around the Duelist's Armour / Evasion defensive instead of being pushed into evasion / dodge.

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As for the build itself I constructed a fairly conservative level 90 character. I built them with the assumption that I would not have uber lab done ( I never find enough trials before a league ends), my rares would be average power level ( mostly t3 offensive mods and t2 life mods. no where near perfect), and whatever uniques I picked would offer close to the highest total DPS while still being on the cheap side(thunder fist and darkray vectors appear to fit this slot pretty well).

Skills are:

Frenzy – Close combat – Multistrike – Fortify – Lightning Penetration – Elemental Weapon Damage

Enduring Cry – Ancestral Cry – Blood Magic -Second Wind

Wrath – Assassin's Mark – Precision

Vaal Immortal Call – Blood Magic -Increased Duration – Second Wind

Leap Slam – Blood Magic – Faster Attacks

Wave of Conviction – Cast When Damage Taken – Blind



5200 life ( 200% increased)

6k evasion (40-70% evasion depending on blind status)

6k armour ( 50% physical mitigation with 8 endurance charges up to a 10k hit)

16% dodge

20% block

2400 leech per second

8 Endurance Charges


5 attacks per second

50-70% critical hit chance ( depending on diamond flask)

280% critical multiplier

380-480k single target ( depending on wave of conviction proc.)

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8 Frenzy Charges


Well that's about it. If anyone knows any good unique / skill combos I'm missing or sees some more efficient pathing please let me know.


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