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I could care less about balance right now. Stability MUST be the concern.

Content of the article: "I could care less about balance right now. Stability MUST be the concern."

I'm ready to quit the league. This is me shouting into the void (haha reddit is the void) out of frustration.

I'm not even going to dip into my thoughts on the league mechanics, because frankly, they just don't exist. That is, if I want to play the game and NOT CRASH TO DESKTOP constantly, the choice is to ignore the league mechanic. Unless this stability is resolved/improved, then any balance change is irrelevant.

I'm one of these nerds that has the opportunity to play 12+ hours a day, and usually I do for the first month (if not several) of the PoE league. I play SSF and my own style, so I wouldn't consider myself a veteran, but I do typically invest a lot of time and energy into playing PoE. I also largely disagree with sentiments from reddit. I'm usually err on the side of positivity and giving GGG the benefit of doubt or abundant patience. Generally speaking, I can't stand the entitled nature of most comments and threads here.

All that said, I'm pretty much done. This league is more or less over for me. I may as well be playing standard. I've failed more grand heists than I've completed, and zero due to my play. Every fail has been a crash to desktop, entrances not spawning, doors not working, etc. Even contracts bug out at least 30% of the time. Gianna still doesn't get reveals half the time from completing contracts.

My hiest experience goes like this:

Find a blueprint while mapping. Cool, let's play some hiest!
3 wings to reveal? Okay, Gianna, let's get do some contracts.
Complete a contract. Go to reveal. Gianna didn't get a reveal. Oh well, let's try again then.
Crash to desktop during 2nd contract. Finally complete 3rd contract. Luck! Gianna has a reveal.
Repeat this 2 more times, but add a couple of failed contracts because Gianna won't open some doors.
1 hour later: Okay, 4 wings revealed. Prepare and begin the grand hiest.
HOPE we have entrances spawn. Okay, phew, we did.
Run the 1st wing, ignore all the side doors because we're too scared of a rogue disappearing or not opening a door. Get to the curio room, pick a reward and start our way back.
Crash to desktop. Yay… Okay well, hopefully, we still have a portal, and we still have 3 more wings…
Portals there, PHEW! Start the 2nd wing, again ignoring side rooms to give us the best chance of getting to the curio room.
Complete the wing and breathe a sigh of relief. Except now we have the dilemna of storage. Too afraid to take the portal back to the harbour, we sort the loot, and throw a bunch of stuff on the ground so we have space for the 3rd wing making DAMNED SURE the big items stay in our inventory.
Run the 3rd wing. Pick another reward. Crash again. Try really hard not to throw objects around the room. Load back up and find that we don't have a portal this time.
Throw objects around the room.
"Oh well, that's only 3 hours of time wasted, let's just try again" /s
Log out.

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I'm well aware that there are workarounds and ways to mitigate some of these bugs. But IMO, that's wholly unreasonable and I'm well past the point of trying. AT LEAST the 2nd iteration of hiest was stupidly rewarding, so even if you only completed 25% of your contracts/blueprints, you still averaged a reasonable value for time spent – though, it was stupid, boring, and very trying on your patience.

The current iteration is buggy, unrewarding, infuriating and boring. I didn't procrastinate mowing my lawns for this. Sorry, GGG, I would rather do my gardening.

My hope is that something drastically changes or improves within the week. My fear is that there simply isn't enough resources to facilitate those changes in that time. My fear is that we will get a manifesto and be waiting 2 weeks for those changes. I know this is a bit of a meme, and I hate it, but it's what I feel right now. I can deal with poor balance. I can deal with average league mechanics. I can't deal with constant crashes and totally wasting my time.

I don't care to tell GGG what they should or shouldn't do, nor do I care to play the backseat developer. I don't pretend to know what's right. I also don't care about monetisation models or anything else. I just want to support and PLAY the game that I love.

I simply plea, improve or resolve the league stability issues. Please make this a priority.


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