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I finally beat mastermind by myself and without dying!!!

Content of the article: "I finally beat mastermind by myself and without dying!!!"


TLDR; newer (ish) player finally beat mastermind and is trembling and filled with adrenaline and pride. longer story below.

So I love action RPG's with a passion. I have every possible achievement in diablo 3. I've beaten titan quest, all the torchlights, diablo 2, grim dawn, if its an arpg I love it. Path of Exile was a different beast. I tried it and struggled and hated it. I don't remember the league I first tried but it was blight I finally beat the story mode. I didn't really try pushing end game content until last league, harvest. I did a build that got me a sirus kill but I had to get help. I had to get help on all the bosses. I was told its normal not all builds are bossers. Mastermind in particular broke me though. so hard to get to, desperately needed devouring diadem, finally got help for her, didn't drop diadem, felt bad. Someone gave me one out of pity and while awesome it felt cheap, i didn't feel I earned it.

This league I did a lacerate gladiator and while learning even more soundly did most content. Conquerors no problem Sirus no problem (at zero awakening, don't judge me). However, I got burnt out several times. The deep end min maxing is rough. Even then I really only this league understood how many mods are jun mods. My build said I could do around 3.6 million dps, I was at like 1.6. With help from people online I got to close to 3 mill and got perspective. Well I had a bad day, started to farm jun mods to realize I unlocked mastermind. I said one try and i'll get help.

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However, this is a new build, a new day, and I know a lot more about the game. I had watched hours of videos before so I knew the fight well and found while my dps wasn't insane I was sturdy, I could fight. It was a long fight (could only record 5 minutes) but I beat her!!!!!!!! at the end I was panic flasking and smashing buttons but I did it!!!!!! The skank didn't drop a diadem this time either. This felt like such a great accomplishment given my struggles last league.

With this too much like dark souls I finally understand the community. This is a complex and difficult game, it bends you over and fucks you over and over brutally until you like it. There are so many variables and systems and sub systems and RNG. But you get it all down, you deal with all that shit, and you can accomplish crazy things. You can beat those end game bosses. I was really burnt out but man am I hyped and revitalized. this is a brutal fucking game, I hate it so much, but dammit do I love it to.

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This is also a thank you to this sub reddit. I am in the questions section daily learning more stuff from all of you. Thank you so much 🙂


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