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I have been recently locked but

My account has been recently locked for "fraudulent payments"
I've been mailing GGG support team and they have informed me that paying through Russia was forbidden if I'm not currently allocated in that country.
I do understand that but I'm not allocated in any of the countries where you have a shop, thus I had to check which shop I was able to buy from and the nearest one to my current location required a DNI number so I decided not to buy from there since it would've been identity thief.
I didn't knew what to do from there so I read the ToS to see if there was anything against buying from other regions and I couldn't find anything (maybe there is but I didn't see it and still can't find it) so I proceeded to buy from where I'm more in touch with which was Russia.
When you try to buy through Russian payment method, nothing stops you… there's no warning or anything, I didn't even use a VPN or anything so why would I think that's forbidden?
Its been over a month since the purchase and now I'm locked, for me this was really unfair and I mailed the Support team for a way to fix this and they said that I was ineligible for a refund since its been too long since the purchase.
I proceed to ask how I was supposed to know that it was forbidden and where its stated that I cannot make a purchase from that shop if I'm not allocated there (asked this twice) and their response was "you have been locked for fraudulent payments" I gave up on asking since they clearly didn't want to reply and decided to ask here.
To be honest if I had the money I wouldn't mind posting or fighting for it and just pay the "fee" but it took me a lot of time to save that amount of money and I don't think I will be able to obtain it anytime soon. I've been playing this game for a really long time and for a lot of hours, it really sadness me the fact that I wont be able to play on my account again anytime soon.


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