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I have never complained about a league

Content of the article: "I have never complained about a league"

On reddit, twitch, global chat, discord to my friends. I just play the league and always enjoy whatever new content the game brings I have loved poe for years, poured thousands of hours into it, hundreds per league, ignore MANY life responsibilities the first few weeks of a new league.

But what in the fuck is Heist. I am in the minority of people who weren’t very excited for it when I saw the trailer, but I was willing to give it the same attention I do every league start. I’m also in the minority of people who don’t care about bugs, the enormity or video game design and server stability is so beyond me I feel like an idiot screaming to the void to “fix the servers!”

The content itself is just awful. Sure the voice lines and lore are neat, and even the animations of things the characters are doing in the heists are a cool change of pace, but heist as a league mechanic is just CLUNKY.

I’m staring at my minimap more than the zone itself trying to navigate my way to the Curio display at the end, randomly clicking on chests to collect chromatics and blessed orbs. The “reward” rooms have become an absolute meme of blight oils, catalysts, and jewelry that I don’t even bother identifying. (I’m running level 83 contracts) if I don’t position my character perfectly, Huck has a seizure trying to shield himself from the blast. The mobs themselves don’t drop anything useful, I feel like I’m waiting for doors to open or traps to be disarmed more than I’m killing things, you can’t sustain maps because maps only have a CHANCE of being a reward in engineering contracts, AND WHY DO HEISTS GIVE SHIT EXP. this is literally the worst part of all of it.

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Contracts are tedious and the amount you have to run in order to have the coins for a grand heist, where the end reward ends up being 5 replica uniques or alternate quality gems that are worth 1c a piece is just laughable. Or my favorite, 5 different options of selecting 20 chance orbs.

I find myself trying to CONVINCE myself to play poe rather than being super excited to neglect work and chores like a normal league start.

I’m on GGGs side 99 times out of 100, but this is the earliest I think I’ll quit a league since I started playing


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