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I like the harvest mechanic, I was hyped for this league, but less than 2 weeks in I’m already feeling done

Content of the article: "I like the harvest mechanic, I was hyped for this league, but less than 2 weeks in I’m already feeling done"

I'm honestly pretty bummed I feel this way. I love the slower, more thoughtful pace of this league mechanic, especially after the frantic gauntlet that was delerium and the LETHAL boss rush from metamorph. Designing my garden layout was super gratifying for me and I came to enjoy the prospect of expanding my farm operation far more than the off chance if being able to tinker with an item or two.

I had a lot of fun with my build, played a brewed up quad herald penance brand elementalist, cleared through to Sirus and had a very distinct moment of, "I don't want to keep doing this."

Unfortunately, Harvest doesn't actually add any content to the game. Sure, there's a boss that, realistically I'd probably get 2 or 3 spawns of at most if I keep playing, but it isn't new or engaging in any way like the simulacrum or an exciting build up like the betrayal mastermind (nevermind the fact that you never WANT to fight Catarina because it bricks your betrayal board).

I think it's that lack of any sort of engagement on top of the core "standard" experience that is really highlighting how unimpressive "standard" is since the CotA atlas redesign. The atlas experience is great…for exactly 16 watchstones worth of play time. Elderslayers spawn constantly, their fights are SO GOOD (with the sole exception of one bugged Baran fight this time where his Mana runes never despawned and the ENTIRE floor was zappy death), they add extra enemies and rewards to otherwise normal maps, and the progression feels rewarding and we'll paced. I'm excited to take on stronger and stronger versions of my rival exiles as I grow in power alongside them.

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And then Sirus. He's still So. Fucking. Bad.

The improvements were nice, it made the encounter actually playable, but it's still FAR from anything even approaching the quality of Baran, Veritania, Al-Hezmen, and Drox. So you eye-roll your way through an uninspired fight and the requisite couple of off-screen 'die' snipes and you're faced with the prospect of doing it all over…except worse.

Now you get glacially slow, RNG gated elderslayers spawns all for the opportunity to suffer through another round of Sirus. And there isn't even anything interesting like delerium juiced high tier maps or simulacrum runs of even Tane's lab producing UNIQUE boss fights to keep your attention.

There's just…seeds. And an ocean of chaos equivilant crafts you don't want and will never use.

I remember grinding out Uber elder easily a dozen times in a league and always feeling the excitement and anticipation as the map influence creeped closer to the center and another opportunity to challenge him drew closer. Now? Every time that narritive wet turd of Sirus's introduction and """""story""'''" shows up in Zana's menu box, I think I actually groan out loud.

GGG, I love the hell out of this game, but…

PoE 2 when? Because I'm really unimpressed with whatever is going on here


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