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I made Armor, Evasion, Energy Shield and Reservation Efficiency Calculators for 3.16 using updated formulas & values!



How to Use Them:

Make a Copy of the Above Spreadsheets

In each case, you input values into the green cells (boxes) and the blue cells will provide calculated information for you

What do they do:

Armor Calculator #1:

Allows you to input Armor Values and hypothetical incoming damage from a hit, in turn it will tell you how much was mitigated and how much was actually recieved.It also generates a damage scale to show you how much damage you take from various size hits based on the initial Armor value you input. Finally it provides a comparison with the old Armor Formula.

Armor Calculator #2:

Provides a quick way to calculate Armor values on your character using the various bonuses available to you, this SHOULD NOT be used in place of PoB, but rather is just a handy alternative for rough estimations.

Evasion Calculator #1:

Allows you to input Evasion rating, Monster Accuracy and Increased Blind effect to figure out your evasion rating vs Blind and Non-Blind enemies. Monster Accuracy at T1 and T16 values are provided, as is an explanation of the new Inc Blind Effect stat.

Evasion Calculator #2:

Similar to the Armor Calc #2 it allows for a quick estimation of evasion rating given various bonuses available to the player.

Reservation Efficiency Calculator #1:

This allows you to figure out how much Mana Reservation Reduction you're getting in 3.16 based off the converted 3.15 values by showing you in steps how your current Reservation converts to Efficiency and in turn how Efficiency translates into effective reservation reduction.

Reservation Efficiency Calculator #2:

This calculator tells you how many of each Aura you can reserve given various values of Reservation Efficiency. It's a quick way to tell how much you will need to reserve for example 3x 50% auras which you can use in conjunction with Calculator #1 (and probably some fiddling) to figure out how much reduction that is on the current patch.

Reservation Efficiency Calculator #3:

This calculators lets you tell the spreadsheet how many of each type of aura you want to reserve and in turn the spreadsheet tells you how much reservation efficiency you will need, as well as a scale to estimate how much you want in order to overshoot the needed amount and leave some leftover unreserved mana in order to actually cast skills.

Energy Shield Calculator #1:

Calculator #1 shows various sources of Faster Start of Energy Shield Recharge including the new modifiers and lets you select various quantities in order to figure out the Delay on your Energy Shield Recharge in 3.16.

Energy Shield Calculator #2:

Calculator #2 works similarly but with Recharge Rate, allowing you to figure out how much of your Maximum Energy Shield you will recharge per second both WITH and WITHOUT Wicked Ward being taken.



Here is a non-monetised Video Explanation to accompany this post. You probably shouldn't need it but I made it so I'm including it anyway for those who are like me and struggle to make heads or tails out of other people's work.

Also I made this whole thing amid a wine binge so there might be a mistake or two, hit me up if you catch any!


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