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I think NeverSink should get paid by GGG and have his filters integrated into the core system

Content of the article: "I think NeverSink should get paid by GGG and have his filters integrated into the core system"

Or at least GGG should release a highly optimized item filter of their own every league that also is editable in a GUI like I have friends who have gotten into POE, and stopped playing because they didn't know about item filters and hated the default.

Let's be real, how many of us would be screwed if NeverSink stopped updating his filters every league? I mean, he straight up spends so many volunteer hours to let us all have amazing filters we can easily customize on and he just does it because he loves the game and this community—I personally cannot thank him enough. But this makes me realize how important his filters are to my POE experience, and subsequently realize I would not enjoy the game nearly as much if NeverSink filters were not a thing.

I recognize that we could all just make our own filters from scratch, but to me, personally, it would probably take time on the order of days to figure it all out and implement something worth using. I also recognize there are other filters out there, but I am unaware of any that have as nice of a UI as NeverSink's changeable filters.

Again, it would be an extremely good QoL improvement to have an optimized filter for each new league that GGG itself released, and maybe they could even have it available to change in-game like the one in Grim Dawn (highly recommended other ARPG for when you get burnt out from POE).

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… EDIT: Did not in any way expect this to blow up like it did, thanks for all the upvotes and the deep discussion! I am greatly appreciative of the comments that NeverSink made about his situation and it is nice to get some more clarity on this. His patreon is here:

As an aside, I really do think the default filter needs to be worked on though and given options to edit it at least slightly in game. It doesn't seem like GGG finds their filter to be a priority because of the large community involvement but I still think that it would be beneficial in the long term to have a solid default that is updated every league as well.


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