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I wrote a script to find maps lost in the Map tab (works for SSF)


I realized I should draw attention to the amount of data a tool like this is downloading, for people not familiar with the Stash Tab API. Due to the way GGG's API works, there is no way for a tool like this to work without downloading approximately 2 MB of data per second. This is peanuts for a big indexer like the trade site or, but if you don't have unlimited data this is a very real number. You may want to just run it periodically to do a big rescan of your map tab, which is described at the end of this post.

This was pretty quick and dirty, so I haven't bothered to go through the effort to set up a git repository or anything fancy. I wrote this for myself and figured I'd share it. The Python code is available here:

If you're on a trade league, you can use the trick where you search for your own maps on the official trade site. That doesn't work for SSF, but public tabs are indexed in SSF leagues, you just need to get it from the API yourself.

To use this, you'll need Python 3 installed. Assuming you've saved this code as "", open a terminal and start it with the desired parameters, for example:

python -ed FrostshockFTW 1110790635-1117999553-1078376823-1208654954-1159377728 

Running it with -h will print out the help documentation instead. The flags you can specify are -e for Elder influenced maps, -s for Shaper influenced maps (excluding the T16 guardian maps), -d for Delirium orbed maps, and -n for maps with any sort of enchantment at all including Delirium. So in the example above, it will look for Elder and Delirium maps while ignoring maps I've enchanted via Harvest.

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Other than the flags, the first parameter is your account name and the second should be a fresh change ID copied from

Once it's running, it will print out maps in public Map tabs published on the Stash Tab API for your account starting from the given change. Even stash tabs from SSF leagues are published, as long as they're marked public. The way the API works is that when you make changes to a public tab, the entire tab is republished on the API. For regular tabs this is everything in view, but it seems that the Map tab is broken up into many chunks. You don't need to worry about this except for one scenario noted below.

The only requirement is to right click your Map tab and mark it as public. If you leave the script running, it will find maps as you put them into the tab (after API delay). Note that if you want to scan your entire Map tab for maps you may have lost in there weeks ago, this won't cut it because of the chunks. To get the entire contents of your Map tab republished, you can either change its name, or toggle it from public to private and back again. I'm not sure if there is a threshold on the latter before an update will be published – I found that leaving it private for a few seconds was enough.

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Hopefully GGG gives us proper search functionality for the Map tab at some point, but in the meantime this has allowed me to recover many Delirium maps that dropped in Lex Ejoris and promptly got lost.

EDIT: I forgot one important part! As I said, this was pretty quick and dirty. To stop watching for Map tab updates, Ctrl-C or close the terminal window 🙃


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