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If you liked ___ in D3, you should try ___ in PoE

Content of the article: "If you liked ___ in D3, you should try ___ in PoE"

Heya everyone,

I’m a seasoned D3 player trying to get a grasp of the sheer volume of PoR content. I watched a few videos on PoE starter guides and tried to look up different builds. The sheer amount of information I got was something I just didn’t expect. I should mention I didn’t even open the game yet, so take the following questions with a grain of salt. I know how stupid that sounds. I’m just a very min-maxing kind of guy and would really hate if I realized a couple of hours in I should have skilled X instead of Y for the build I wanted to play. My thought was, it would be the easiest for me to ask ppl who played both games to figure out which build/ playstyle in D3 translates to which build in PoE. Furthermore I’m on mobile rn, so sorry about the lack of editing.

Builds/classes/stuff I didn’t like in D3:

  • Crusader // aka the only class I didn’t spend hundreds of hours in, tbh I didn’t even get it to 70…

  • waiting for my CoE rotation // aka running around and waiting for my ring to cycle to the correct elemental affix before proccing my Exploding Palm, Land of Dead or whatnot is not really a fun concept imho

  • Vyr/Archon Mage // aka builds that require a lot of setup to be effective. If you died it really took some time to stack up again until u started going boom. Dying at the wrong time meant the GR is pretty much over.

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Builds/classes/stuff I did like in D3:

-Pets // Starmetal Kukuri WD was a lot of fun in vanilla D3, Carnival Darts WD aswell

-Jade WD // just make sure everything has haunt and locust on it and then proc Soul Harvest, very satisfying.

-Arachyr Firebat WD & Spirit Barrage WD // just cool – really loved both builds

-GoD DH & WW Barb // didn’t like Multishot or sentries that much, but running brainlessly around blowing stuff up was my cup of tea. The leap barb was okayish.

-Being able to play support // played a shit ton of zMonk and it is still one of my favorite classes today.

Any tips/ links/ general advice is greatly appreciate.

Thank you so much in advance <3


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