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I’m running a CI divine ire ignite elementalist with fulcrum, blackflame, and abberath’s hooves

Here is the POB I don't know how accurate it is because I've never used POB and I don't know if it takes into account the confusing mechanics of this build.

This is the first build I've ever attempted that's completely from scratch. I wanted something with the fulcrum in it and this is what I came up with. The idea is to chaos ignite an enemy with blackflame and reflect it back to us with the fulcrum, and since we're CI we take no damage from the reflected ignite. We take Fan the Flames the spread the reflected ignite, and abberath's hooves to inflict an equivalent ignite (I think it works like that but I'm not too sure) when we kill an enemy.

It works a lot better than I thought it would as I'm clearing t16 maps with ease. I haven't tried shaper or uber elder yet because I want to 'fix' this build.

I chose divine ire because the elementalist has Shaper of Flames and the wiki says "the burning damage over time is 50% of the base damage of the hit" and I chose a skill that hits really hard. Does it actually work like this? I'm only scaling fire DoTs but would scaling anything else help like physical or lightning?

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Would it be more practical to take Shaper of Winter over Shaper of Storms because of winterweave? For bossing, would emberwake make sense in this build replacing winterweave?

I've thought of using inpulsa's which would free up the amulet slot (unaffected by shock) but I have no idea of a replacement and it might be too much of a ES loss. Maybe a primordial chain lol. I also don't have an anointment figured out yet and my flasks could use some work. I'm thinking HH would be a nice fit because the build is already SUPER speedy with the reverse chill and phase rush. I'll probably replace the medium clusters to have blowback.

The tree I picked is probably subpar and I'm only level 83 on this character. The next 6 levels will probably be put into the energy tree node in the top left.

This is my first post and build ever, and I appreciate any ideas for improvements you guys throw out. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!


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