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Impending doom and multiple curses

So, the curse "rework" is upon us at last. Supposedly, The "doom" mechanic is there to create more of an incentive for players to self-cast curses, and to make curse builds a new playstyle archetype by itself.

I really like curses. Occultist is probably my favorite ascendancy, so i am really happy one of the aspects that composes her identity is getting new stuff

However, i think there is a problem. For me, the really exciting thing that i never really got to do with curses is multi-curse builds. Even with Bane- that is basically confirmed to not work with doom at this point anyway- you really ever only run 1 curse, 2 at most.

I really hoped the rework will make a multiple curse builds (3-5) a thing, since currently its essentially impossible to justify more than two. If you use blasphemy- there is probably a better aura available over a second curse. With bane, other supports are usually prefered. Most other builds rarely intentionally raise their curse limit.

What I am getting at is this: From what we were shown so far, there seems to be a good deal of anti-synergy between the new doom mechanic, and the playstyle it is trying to encourage, because:

It works only with self cast curses.

Anything that is capable of applying more curses at once is considered "triggered"

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CoH, archmage, blasphemy, all of those things bar you from interacting with the mechanic.

So I am asking this: Are we getting an entire new mechanic and a rework, all of which is trying to entice into selfcasting curses, just so we can cast… one… curse???

Whats the point of that? If we cant stack the curses, its basically just a bane with a delay. Clearly, having multiple curses on a enemy, so the doom accumulates more quickly, seems the way to go. But at this point we do not have any tools to do that.

also If GGG thinks that anyone would even consider borthering with manually casting multiple curses, they are wrong. Thats you having to stop 3 or more times while the mobs are not doing the dying. Thats not something you can do in todays poes endgame, curses or no.

It is entirely possible I am missing critical information, but the bottom line is: I think the "curse rework" should encourage the player in using more than a standard number of curses, instead of just one , for which the playstyle already exists in the form of bane.

There are more gems apparently that are yet to be revealed, that might render all of these speculations to be completely beside the point. But they also might not, so i am posting this anyway

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