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Implement a deterministic system, like completing 20 or 30 maxed waves you get to fight the Trialmaster, this would fix MANY issues with the league mechanic and the league itself

So, now I'm running just t14-t16 maps and got to fight the Trialmaster 3 times (first time I died, second time the client crashed, third time I won and got a Cortex map for the 10th wave reward), I have came up with a fix for the league mechanic so the players would have a better chance to see the endgame of the league.

Normally you only see the Trialmaster fight if the RNG gods bless you and I know that having him fought 3 times already is above average as I have a friend who has 34 challenges already and haven't seen him once! This is a joke.

GGG should really implement a deterministic system like the conqueror one, so if you complete full trials on maps, even if the Trialmaster gives only 5-6-7 waves you got to fight him for the 20th or 30th trial. Like you have an 8-wave trial for the 18th, 9-wave trial for the 19th and the Trialmaster fight for the 20th. He would only show up from T14+ so you couldn't abuse it on low tier maps. This would be perfect, because you could gain rewards per map and you could also build onto something, like the Temple, like Betrayal Safehouse etc. Would make too much sense to me.

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Now, this would fix the issue with the Circle trials, because people wouldn't run them even if they buff the area, loot explosion reward etc. But THIS would encourage them to complete even the circle trials as they would know they have to complete those too to fight the Trialmaster. People would engage with every trial, better risk and reward.

This would also solve the endgame scarcity issue with the league.

Solve the reward system problem, because the scaling is beyond joke for the risk even in late t16 maps. You can farm Quarry now and average 170-200c per hour or less, but still like an ex. This system would encourage players to strengthen further their builds and fight the trials on t14-t16 maps where they should be honestly.

This would solve the issue with the RNG gate Trialmaster conditional challenges, now you can't really get to know the fight and figure out those challenges, because you simply doesn't see the fight or engage with it, just once per god knows in how many maps.

These fixes would make so much sense!


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