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In-Depth Ascendency Breakdown From the Racing Gauntlet Points Event

Content of the article: "In-Depth Ascendency Breakdown From the Racing Gauntlet Points Event"

Salutations exiles, it's /u/livejamie here with some data and analysis of Ascendeny/Class choices from this week's Trickster Gauntlet Race event!

The Final Data

Class Total # Total % Top 100 Top Level
Trickster 643 29.8% 43 99
Gladiator 426 19.7% 22 98
Necromancer 341 15.8% 17 99
Chieftan 159 7.4% 4 97
Champion 112 5.2% 7 99
Hierophant 110 5.1% 1 95
Occultist 72 3.3% 2 95
Pathfinder 35 1.6% 91
Assassin 31 1.4% 92
Ascendent 28 1.3% 92
Inquisitor 24 1.1% 86
Saboteur 23 1.1% 89
Raider 22 1.0% 1 96
Berserker 21 1.0% 1 93
Guardian 16 0.7% 1 95
Slayer 9 0.4% 1 95
Deadeye 4 0.2% 84

(Thanks to the fine people of #tool-development on Discord for helping me pull the ladder, which was 15,000 entries.)

Funny enough, when I imported the ladder for the first time, the data looks like this:

This goes to show you just how hard the race was, a staggering 12843 out of 15000 entries (85%) on the ladder are unascended people who didn't make it past the first Izaro. (Maybe that Top 1% meme wasn't too far off in this case)

In Bar Chart and Pie Chart form:

After we clean the sheet and leave only the Ascended Classes, we get the table above and a graph that looks like this:

Some Insights:

  • The top choices dwarfed the others, Tricksters and Gladiators account for ~50% of the overall data and 65% of the Top 100.

  • There were nearly as many Tricksters as there were Templars that died and didn't ascend.

  • Hierophant was the 6th most popular choice overall, but only ended up having one person in the Top 100, an Archmage Cremation build. There were many people trying various Archmage setups like Ball Lightning and Storm Brand, but it ended up not working out for them.

  • Inquisitor had about the same amount of people trying it as the other 1% ascendencies, but nobody was able to break level 86, only beating Deadeye in this category

  • To round up Templars being in a bad spot: Despite Guardian being one of the tanker ascendencies (on paper), it was one of the least chosen ascendencies, only beating out Slayers and Deadeyes at the bottom of the list.

  • Not surprisingly, Rangers were the least chosen ascendancy overall (ignoring Scion) except for Bluespottedeye, who seems to be a master of Chaos Dot Rangers, getting one to level 96.

  • Other noteworthy special snowflake finishes in the top 100:

    • Karvarousku Level 95 Ball Lightning Guardian
    • CARNDARAK Level 95 Earthshatter Slayer
    • Ryzenier Level 93 Earthshatter Berserker
  • Scion seems to be in a rough spot especially in SSF

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Final Thoughts

  • This was a lot of fun to watch and analyze. I think that I love it when events do the top few people to finish per Ascendency in the future. It would have been exciting to see people try to get top 10 on a Deadeye or a Saboteur. It shakes things and forces people to try new things.

  • It's frustrating that GGG doesn't make getting this data very easy. It feels like this is such a huge potential to invest in the leaderboard with graphs and the type of insight to make following along easier without having to rely on 3rd-party tools or spending an afternoon writing JSON and Regex queries.

  • That being said, I've been talking to /u/rasmuskl, and I think the next event will be on so I won't have to make this post again.

The Source

  • Here are the Data and Graphs you can interact with and view; I'm sure people who are better at this can do exciting things with it. Feel free to make a copy and play around with it!

If you have any feedback feel free to share, it's been a while since I've made a post like this; I'm not a data scientist.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next water league!


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