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In times like this I can’t decide if it’s good or bad that GGG listens to the ‘community’ this much.

Content of the article: "In times like this I can’t decide if it’s good or bad that GGG listens to the ‘community’ this much."

I think Heist was actually good as it was on day one. I'm not talking about the technicalities, the crashes was awful but Heist itself felt like I was heisting.

I had to go in and run fast so guards 'don't notice me'(I mean I could imagine I'm doing that with not killing them). I had to pick chests fast so guards didn't reach me and die.

Then reddit started complaining about guard raising alert levels. I'm sure nobody who take their time to level their members did this because that was the friking point, you are a noob heister who need to get better and get levels.

I can't see why GGG listens to people who complaining about the content being too hard while they are lvl80- and their members are lvl1 or not even unlocked.

After they removed guard alert level it just felt like a peaceful walk to get these highly secured loot, not immersive at all, and now GGG realised it's too much loot for no investment or challange so they nerfed loot to equal levels.

Now we mostly have a walking simulator that you can do for some shit loot. Congrats you got what you wanted, finally there is no point to be fast while you doing the heist of the year with your 9member party, also you use your heist mastermind brain and team to steal wisdom scrolls. And you can do all this without leveling yourself or your team.

GGG should listen in the first weeks only to technical issues like please reduce the number of disconnects to 0, listen to the community when they say the content is bugged. But for the love of God don't listen to us when we put 0 effort in the content and we complain we can't do it. I mean I'm lvl 80 in shit gear and I can't kill the shaper, should we nerf that too? I don't think so.

Read:  My guess about 3.12. This will define if I must keep working as a researcher or not.

What's your thoughts on this community, who did the content instead of complaining about you need to do the content so you get more rewards from the content?

(English is not 1st,on mobile, etc)

Edit:lot of you defend the guard alert level with 'its stupid you can't kill them'. How many of you tried Heisting with lvl5 members in gear with 'reduced alert for killing guards'?

Edit2: just look at this post, it's jumping to 10upvote then to 0 then 10 again, it has 50%upvote downvote rate, what community you listened to GGG, the half of it? How do you decide which half to please? We don't know what we want after playing for 5days. Don't listen to us now. Listen when streamers got to max member level and released guides about how to profit from the content but we still have problems with it. In the meantime get rid of disconnects and unopenable doors instead.


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