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Int Stacking Wander Helmet (can’t be bothered for T1/T1 ES), fun and frustrating craft!

Long-time lurker and first post, figured I'd share probably my most ambitious craft to date before the end of the 3.13 league. What's cool also is that I believe this helmet can still be crafted even in 3.14, using my method below (except for the final ES mods… for that you gotta close your eyes). I know there are better out there, but I'm damn proud of this!

Crafting steps per Rule 10:

  1. Buy the base with this enchant for 5ex, because "Power Siphon Fires 2 Additional Projectiles" literally costs 100ex or more
  2. Perfect fossil to 30% quality
  3. Chaos spam until get any 3 prefixes and at least 1 open suffix
  4. Hunter slam and hit T1 %int on first try. This was lucky, but if I didn't hit it, I would scour and alt spam until I got it. Doing step 3 first just gives a free try to hit it, which I did.
  5. Buy any Warlord helmet with +1 power charges as the only influenced mod (I alt spammed for that shit once and I'm never doing it again)
  6. Woke orb and pray. Of course, T1 int is desired but close to impossible to hit. I actually hit T5 int and everything else removable, which was not bad at all. If the result is too shitty, I would probably yolo annul, and if I miss, either sell it and start over, or go down to step 10
  7. Remove and augment filler mods as necessary to have one open suffix. Craft "Prefixes cannot be changed" and use Harvest craft "Reforge more likely" and was amazed to hit T1 int and T2 %int on the first try. Later I would appreciate how easy this is to brick, so I got insanely lucky here.
  8. Debate what to do. Decided to go for YOLO elevate, but because I had T2 %int, I need two lucky Maven orbs. Craft "Aug crit" to force crit multi warlord suffix, and YOLO Maven orb. This has a 1/6 chance to elevate %int and remove crit (best outcome), 1/6 chance to elevate power charges and remove crit (basically a push), and everything else is bad
    1. Maven orb #1. Hit my 1/6 and now I had +1 / T1 int / T1 %int!! I now had probably a 100-200ex item and now I really hesitated, but in the end I decided to go big or go home and after another aug crit…
    2. Maven orb #2. Elevate crit, brick my power charges. I still had my T1 %int though, so I decided to go one more time.
    3. Maven orb #3. Elevate crit, brick my %int. So now I just flushed 50ex down the toilet and turned my 100ex item into junk!
  9. Cry, but then decide I would finish this craft even if I had to do it from scratch!
  10. Scour the base and alt spam until hit any %int (doesn't really matter T1 or T2, because planning to use "Reforge more likely" craft anyways)
  11. Buy a shit ton of beast imprints (I think I used about 50-60 in total)
  12. Regal and hope for, in order of preference: 1) Any flat int; 2) Anything removable – benchcraft flat int; 3) Otherwise, annul to try to remove it, and if I remove the %int, restore imprint and try again
  13. Use Harvest craft "Reforge more likely" to try to change the suffixes to T1 int and T1 %int. This took about 100 tries or so. The %int would brick in anywhere from 1 to 4 attempts, but usually flat int stays. If brick, restore imprint and go to step 12.
  14. Remove any remaining suffix, aug crit, Maven orb. I hit this on my first try, thank goodness. Otherwise, restore imprint and go to step 12.
  15. Next is power charges. Craft "Cannot roll caster modifiers" to block all the Hunter prefixes. Very importantly – because Remove/add influence no longer respects metamods, we only use Aug influence, never Remove/add influence!
  16. Use Harvest craft "Reforge keep suffixes" until any of the following happens, in order of preference: 1) +1 power charges (yeah, right) – but if this happens, do everything possible to keep it, including trying to annul off untargetable prefixes; 2) The warlord mod "% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage", hereafter referred to as the "fire/phys mod" – this is a free block on "Aug influence" because it can be target removed, and increases the chance to hit from 1/29 to 1/21. Ideally the other prefixes, if any, are removable; 3) Exactly one removable mod; 4) Exactly two removable mods if one of them is cheap to remove. Then, remove the cheaper one; 5) Everything else – keep reforging
  17. Aug influence for a 1/29 chance to hit power charges. If hit the "fire/phys mod" then aug influence again for a 1/21 chance to hit.
  18. If hit power charges, remove any unwanted prefixes and keep going. Otherwise, back to step 16. Power charges took me 120 ex to get, which is about average – could have been much worse!
  19. ES – Aug defence and Remove/add defence until hit either T1 flat ES or T1 %ES. Then aug defence again and pray it's something good. ES/life hybrid can be target removed with remove life, but everything else is a 50/50 to change. I got T2 flat ES pretty early and decided to stop given how much of a rollercoaster this was already.
  20. Bench craft the last suffix and divine until perfect.
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3.14 Harvest changes:

  1. "Aug crit" turns into "Aug influence" – it's just a cheaper craft now that is also guaranteed to hit the influenced mod on this item. Aug influence still works in 3.14.
  2. "Reforge more likely" and "Reforge keep suffixes" are the heroes of this craft, and those should both continue to work. "Reforge keep suffixes" can be optimized to stop on any 1 or 2 ES mods that you are happy with. This takes longer, but ES mods are pretty common on the item, and I saw them a lot.
  3. Getting +1 power charges requires only "Aug influence", never "Remove influence" or "Remove/add influence", so it should continue to work as well. If you don't want the fire/phys mod, then you must "Reforge keep suffixes" after each miss, and can't use the fire/phys mod as a blocker.
  4. Final ES is "close your eyes and slam it baby"!


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