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Is Deadeye Toxic Rain worth trying in 3.13?

Content of the article: "Is Deadeye Toxic Rain worth trying in 3.13?"

Hello fellow Exiles,

after spending some time looking at the changes of the Deadeye ascendancy I'm asking myself if Endless Munitions (+2 projectiles) and Occuyping Forces (Mirage Archer note) might make it a strong contender for a toxic rain build next league. I've only played the Pathfinder version up till now and will compare it to that.

Why Deadeye:

  • TR scales heavily with increased projectiles and usually relies on Dying Sun, Headenchant, Quiver and Corruptions to gain those. Endless Munitions gives easy and early access to +proj. I'm not sure if that means we open up alternatives for new enchants/affixes or just want to stack the number even higher, but both seem decent.
  • One Mirage Archer is about 25-30% increased overall Damage in TR builds. If the condition "Cannot Summon Mirage Archers while near your Mirage Archers" isn't too hard to circumvent, this node alone might be an incredible damage multiplier.
  • PFs Nature's Reprisals inc. AoE is nerfed vom 50% to 30%, making it hard to reach the 6 Pod breakpoint (30 radius) anyways
  • The new Chaos Conversion on Nature's Reprisal doesn't do anything for TR and neither does the poison duration (instead of Chaos damage) on the small notes
  • Nature's Adrenaline and Master Alchemist fullfill very similar needs to Wind Ward and Gathering Winds (suvivability, movement speed, attack speed), though its hard to judge how good Wind Ward will be.
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So the argument is something like this: the 3.13 changes to AoE cut into one of the main benefits of going PF. Occupying Forces could be a lot stronger of a multplier than the new Nature's Reprisal. Survivality, Attack Speed and Movement speed will come through different mechanics (Tailwind instead of Flasks and Gale Force instead of Ailment immunity) but might perform on a decently similar level.

The main contra argument I can see is that you add damage to a build that really doesnt need more. The costs of easy gearing (ailment immunity), quality of life (nature's boon flask charges) and potentially survivabilty in hard encounters (hardened scar) might not be worth the tradeoff.

What do you guys think? Worth a try or straight up a different but worse idea?



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