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Is Path of Exile becoming too tedious/bloated to play for anyone else?

Content of the article: "Is Path of Exile becoming too tedious/bloated to play for anyone else?"

Preface: Please don't come here and say "well don't interact with that mechanic." That's pretty much like saying "Don't play the game" as you need to interact with a lot of mechanics to push your build, also a lot of mechanics are fun to interact with, that does not mean they also aren't tedious to do for the 1000th time to get them to the point that they are fun to interact with.

For me, I'm no longer enjoying leveling through the STORY for x hundredth time. Please introduce an Adventure mode that lets me just level without having to do quests and unlocks the areas I need to grab skill quests. Some mode of alternative leveling so long as you've done the quest before in a previous league that isn't gated behind "sulphite" that is unreliable to get when leveling and also unlocks mapping when you get to a certain level or at least the ability to run the mapping quest. Or even do the story once per league THEN unlock "adventure mode" so everyone has to do it at least once and is on the same field.

I'm also pretty tired of grabbing every trial at every league start, but this one makes sense at least and I don't see a good solution to it, its just a tedious thing to do. Hell, even running lab itself is getting pretty tedious. Maybe mesh the ascendancy into the story itself and get rid of lab altogether?

I'm tired of having to find 500+ unveiled items every league to even start crafting decent stuff, the grind is just miserable having to do it. Again, can't really think of a proper solution to this one, if someone has an idea of how to make this less tedious feel free to share. There just has to be a way that we can grind this without it taking as long as it does and feels more rewarding to do so. Maybe add 2 more options (5 choices per unveiled item) and increase exp gain to 100% so we only need to find one item before we unlock the craft, and remove the crafts we have fully unlocked from "unveiling" so we're not wasting our time.

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Pushing Delve to a reasonable level every league, also tedious. By the time I've done it, there's no point to do it anymore. And doing it feels just bad since I'm usually extremely over leveled and the maps/most drops aren't rewarding at all. Perhaps let us start based on our highest map level completed without capping it at lvl 68?

And now we have gardens?! If this goes core, we have to set up our gardens every. single. league. On top of all the other tedious stuff. If they have it so it's saved like our hideout, then I'm a bit more alright with it, do it once, save it, and we're good. But if you're going to make us grind for the benches, plots, etc etc, then also re-design it every new league… yea that's just adding to the problem.

New atlas is also tedious if you don't know the proper strategy. Having to figure that out and if you make a mistake then it just makes the atlas progression so much harder is just a pain. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, there's a way to pretty much guarantee the first 16 watchstones without having to trade maps etc and you can get it done by day 2 of a new league, but if you do not do it this specific way, then it becomes extremely tedious. No real solution to this one, its just the way it is and I'm guessing GGG made the atlas the way it is for a reason for future content, but yea this is definitely just adding to the tediousness of things.

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I'm not asking for anything to be removed (aside for lab but that's just a suggestion), but integrated in a way that makes it less tedious. Simplify things so everything feels rewarding to do and give alternate means of getting stuff done so people can choose what way to do it that is the best fit for them having fun with the game. Even though I PERSONALLY find all the above tedious AND I still wish to interact with it, that doesn't mean everyone does. And if you love all the above every single league, good on you man! I just don't and really hope that things can get simplified / less tedious to do. Make the time spent more rewarding than it currently is or lessen the time spent on doing these mechanics before they start to feel rewarding.


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