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LF help on my EQ Bleed/Ignite Elementalist

Edit #1: After further testing, I can confirm that ignite prolif socketed into hooves will further spread the ignites, this is based on mapping with and without the gem socketed in, it definitely feels like there is more spread, so this also confirms that gems socketed into the hooves will power up the ignite such as burning damage, ignite prolif, combustion, and efficacy.

Hello guys,

I have been working on a EQ elementalist which applies both bleed and ignite.

Here's my POB so far:

And the actual character:

Many builds I've seen in the past trying EQ ignite focused entirely on elemental damage hits, while I am trying to double dip by getting 'ailment' damage

Thus far, the build is performing very well with single target, but the issue I have is with mapping and clearing trash.

So far, I've come up with a few ideas on how to deal with this and I am currently using the boots 'Abberath's Hooves' to spread the ignites I deal with EQ. The ignites do enough damage to clear out the trash, but I was wondering if socketing gems into the hooves will also add bonus to the ignites that are proliferated?

If so, would maximizing the damage output of the hooves be something like:

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Burning damage + Combustion + Controlled Destruction + Efficacy?

Another question I have, is with regards to the interaction between hooves + ignite proliferation.

If I have ignite proliferation socketed into the hooves, I know the hooves will spread the ignite to nearby enemies (25 radius) when the initial monster I hit dies with ignite, but if I also socket in ignite proliferation, will the radius further extend by an additional 20 radius?

Thus, when a monster 45 units away dies to the proliferated ignite, he then spreads a new ignite with hooves that goes another 45 off screen?

I have tried to test this, and it's been hard to tell because of how fast the units die, I can't really tell if it's the hooves proliferating, or the ignite prolif is actually working on top of that.

Other options I wanted to consider were Berek's respite, but that item is way more expensive, and Uul-Netol's Embrace to utilize the bone nova to trigger ignites and proliferate them, I would have Embrace on weapon swap to use for mapping, and then switch to a stronger axe to deal larger single target ignites.

The downside of embrace is that it is best used for a fast attacking skill such as cyclone, but I don't really have the space to run a cyclone setup. I'd probably have to link cyclone into the axe itself, which means I'd have to link the axe making it much more expensive than just a 6 socket.

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The build isn't finalized yet, and I'm still deciding on certain things such as what rings to use, I wanted to use the gloves blasphmer's grasp and mark of the elder for stun immunity, however at the moment I got unwavering stance until I have finished testing.

Another thing is the final ascendancy. Adding shock to hits does improve damage, but the shock only lasts for 2 seconds. I was hoping to add EE to my setup by adding some cold/lightning damage, but primal aegis also seems like a good option if I'm having issues surviving in red maps.

All of the options seem viable as getting chill also allows me to use hypothermia as a support as well, and also adds nice defensive mitigation by slowing action speeds.


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