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List of meaningfully buffed skills

Content of the article: "List of meaningfully buffed skills"

TL;DR: 23 skills got pretty substantial buffs, a good amount of other skills got more minor buffs. It's not 40, but it's still pretty good.

1. Artillery Ballista: +2 Totems at Gem level 22, 40% more damage

2. Blink Arrow: 47% CDR actually makes this much more appealing as a movement skill, and is a nice buff for


3. Cobra Lash: 5% per remaining chain = 40% more ST damage

4. Cracking Lance: 27% more damage

5. Frost Bomb: 37.5% more base damage, 50% more added damage

6. Hexblast: 20% more base damage, 12.5% more damage at max doom, 35% more damage total

7. Lightning Strike: 33% more damage with projectiles

8. Mirror Arrow: Same deal as Blink Arrow, the 47% CDR is a good buff to summoner builds, since Necro was better than Deadeye anyways.

9. Reave: 16% more damage, kinda on the edge but Reave is pretty solid mechanically so this buff aint to bad.

10. Scorching Ray: Double cast speed huge QoL

11. Searing Bond: 40% more damage. Has more base DoT than Flame Wall now, and Flame Wall is very solid DPS. For those that don't know, it links to you, so you just put the totems down and run through everything.

12. Shield Charge: 10% more base damage, 40% more armor/ev scaling damage, 2x the scaling crit. Skill has something of an AOE problem, but the DPS is actually quite high. Faster base AS than SST, with the 100% more damage at maximum charge mod. EDIT: Forgot General's Cry works well with Shield Charge thanks /u/Panama_Punk

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13. Shrapnel Ballista: +2 Totems at 22, 40% more damage.

14. Siege Ballista: +2 Totems at 22, 40% more damage.

15. Spectral Shield Throw: 10% more base damage, 40% more scaling damage. 2x the scaling crit. Most people played this Deadeye, and it's losing that damage per remaining chain, but the large damage buff could make it more viable for other classes. Also Magna Eclipsis should be solid for crit, and Aegis got buffed there.

16. Spectral Throw: 50% larger hitboxes. Should be good for clear and getting extra ticks. Unsure total damage increase, hopefully it's pretty good.

17. Static Strike: 50% duration increase. Duration is the biggest problem with this skill, so this is quite good.

18. Storm Call: 25% more damage

19. Venom Gyre: Lost added flat, 43% more % damage. This could be pretty nice for ele buzzclaw-type builds, but the really neat thing IMO is now it has 40% chance to keep blades when you whirling blades, increasing to 65% with lab enchant, so you'll probably be able to get a LOT of extra damage using WB after stacking blades. Should have very strong clear.

20. Ballista Totem: 20% more damage, there are a few solid Ballista Totem setups so this is a nice buff.

21. Impending Doom: 100% more base damage, 12.5% more damage from doom. 125% more damage at max doom.

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22. Unearth: 100% more cast speed, 40% less damage, 20% more total base damage, 44% more added damage effectiveness. I feel like this is nice QoL for Spectrenate Dead since it goes Unearth > Spectre > Explode and 100% more cast speed will make it much smoother. 30% more corpse life, unsure how good that is for selfcast DD. Also as a standalone skill, I think this might be pretty good with Battlemage because of the large boost to added damage effectiveness.

23. Skeleton Mages: 50% more damage, 100% more proj speed.

I do think some of the buffs not listed here could be a more meaningful (stuff like 7% to Glacial Hammer, or a Firestorm buff that still leaves it in a real bad state), but this does give a large amount of stuff to mess with on top of the 3 ascendancy reworks. Hopefully this becomes a regular thing because there are still plenty of weaker gems.


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