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Here is how I shuffled 150,000 Blueprints to find you new ones

Content of the article: "Here is how I shuffled 150,000 Blueprints to find you new ones"

I shuffled 150,000+ Blueprints to find some fresh content. Here is how..


5 -> 1 Vendor Recipe


OCR to read screenshot

Search file for /##


I ABSOLUTELY do not claim that these are BETTER GPH wise than the other most popular Blueprints. I think some of them are VERY close. The big benefit here is you dont really need to run the same 1 blueprint all the time. Hopefully this gives some variety to the mix. I ABSOLUTELY think better BPs are available. Its an RNG thing, if you search a million more BPs we will find better ones.

We havent found the best BPs available yet.

Here are a couple examples

For some other fun content I did another similar economy shenanigans in WoW a few years ago.

Link Here



5 for 1 Vendor Recipe. This is simple enough. Your stash holds 60 Blueprints. You trade 5 of them to Tane in your hideout, he gives you a new one. BUT, you dont need to actually trade, you can see the blueprint and rooms WITHOUT completing the trade. So you manually trade in your 5 blueprints, see what the vendor gives you and take a screenshot. Iterate over every contract in your stash and as many possible combinations as you want, taking a screenshot manually every time.

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Now you’ve got a pile of thousands of screenshots of possible blueprints the vendor can sell to you. Way to many to check. wat do?

Well, if you write some code, you can crop your screenshot to only show the map rooms

Then Grayscale it and invert it

Then apply some other enhancements (threshold etc)

You end up with something like the above.


Now we can use some sort of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software like Google’s Tesseract engine Link Here to “read” our images, and spit out the text to a single text file.

Fourth and Final

Now we have a file, that has the text from our thousands of screenshots. Something we can search or have code search for us.

Closing comments

  • This post is more about the process then the end results I got. Hopefully the community finds some more gems. Its hopefully variety, that was the goal.
  • Blueprints can start by looking great, check all the right boxes, you trade in. Then reveal and realize they are just junk. Real heartbreaker but it happens!
  • I’ve found easily 1000+ 13+ Currency BPs. But some rooms just make the Blueprints dead weight
  • I think ROOM Quality is better than pure currency room density.
  • Im sure other people are doing this already in a similar way.
  • I think Vindiri is great but not required. I would take a BP with more better quality rooms then mediocre ones with Vindiri. Wow Vindiri duped my Sac Frags! – No one
  • The current (Not mine) 15/15 Gem BP is currently the best but NOT the fastest for pure GPH if thats your goal. Id still run that one plenty, its great. probably a 1 in a million to get that BP with those rooms with those Rogues. That is my fav BP right now.
  • The odds of a GOOD runnable BP is probably somewhere around 1 in 25,000
  • I think my 16/16 Underbelly is VERY close or better than the 17/17. It has less Vindiri but better rooms overall. Its close for sure.
  • u/chris_wilson Please no banno
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