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[Long, rambling rant] It feels strange that Path of Exile was “designed to be played forever” but there isn’t a strict development structure based on housekeeping.

Content of the article: "[Long, rambling rant] It feels strange that Path of Exile was “designed to be played forever” but there isn’t a strict development structure based on housekeeping."

Not just talking about the bugs and weird balance, but also the way information and interface is given to players to lighten the 3rd party info/tools that pile up every league, needless extra steps of tedium, streamlining unengaging grinds (is it a good normal to play for 3 months and still not have all unveils, in a league that tosses a ton of extra veiled items at you?). All sorts of things really… the game GGG was adding every league to 4 years ago is not remotely the same as the one they do it to now, and neither are the leagues they add – stuff like tormented spirits, strongboxes, nemesis mods, rogue exiles? Absolutely tiny in comparison but natural feeling and could very well have been part of the core game from the start. Adding new grind systems, more things to collect, more in-game things that lay on top of each other and impact performance, new enemy designs – which often seem very good at off screen one shots, thanks – all of these need to be designed with the existing game feel in mind and consider their limitations.

I think the wildest part is, we are under an impression that GGG wants to fundamentally shift the pace of the game by the time PoE 4.0 comes out, but they keep adding things that seem to move further away from that? How do they intend to do so when they have a big hangup over "taking away" from players in terms of speed or content? Am I completely mistaken here? Or are they suddenly going to do way more work to redesign everything despite that not being their MO?

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Personal vendetta: I would love to hear why something like divine shrine/cannot die aura is so important to the feel or balance of the game that we can just let it destroy computers/instances and that's ok? I feel like in many other games this kind of performance (and on to some extent a balance) problem would be a "code red" and it would be removed to be reworked, but we just have it for years on end? I hate to get too mean and personal but this just feels like arrogance, or clinging to vague ideas of artistic vision that aren't actually reflected in the game. No, it is not a good way to slow down the game, it doesn't exist 99.9999% of the time on top of the "slowing down" being destroying the servers.

I won't be dumping PoE any time soon but I have been playing less since legion, and I think that brings me to another point – adding all existing kinds of specialized loot to new releases may have a bit of merit in a temp league for getting people to focus on the new content, but it is also a bandaid for housekeeping, leaves things feeling a bit messy in terms of design, and moves us further away from what seems to be a goal of trimming down. Not to mention it can just feel weird getting all this old league content in one place when there was a strict delineation in farming before. Or at least it did for me at the time, I'm a bit over it but it's still not great.

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With things like this in mind, and GGG being a bit more withdrawn (understandable in 2020) and the state of heist even as it's ending, it makes me worry for the future of such an ambitious and great game I've been following so long. We can only wait and see how the new league goes, but even if it's good, I sincerely hope the new dev schedule with extra time given for cleanup will also be used for older content as well as overall game structure. That's the big one. If you read the whole thing, thank you for humoring my vent/rant of months of thoughts.


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