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Looking for self-cast build that kills stuff in front of character, for SSF Ultimatum

Two week vacation coming up, and I want to start over in SSF Ultimatum. I have a slew of likes/dislikes that I'm trying to work through to figure out what the best fit would be. Anyone have any ideas that fit these conditions?

  1. The build should be self-cast. I just don't like "other stuff" like mines and traps and totems doing the damage for me.
  2. The build should kill stuff in front of me. I don't like DoT style builds where you drop an attack, run ahead, then stuff behind you dies and you have to backtrack to get loot. I just played this for a bit, the "Toxic Tank": and it's a really cool build in concept and actually I highly recommend it IF you don't mind the inherent "delays" of Toxic Rain + Totems. A lot of people don't seem to mind it, but Toxic Rain in itself has a slight startup delay which to me, that alone is annoying as hell, but then coupled with the Totems, I'm like 2 screens away before stuff dies, and the backtracking for loot is incredible tedious and annoying.
  3. I really want to self-cast Ball Lightning, but can't find any suitable build. Ball Lightning is my favorite skill (so far), but self-casting this seems to mean going Archmage and stacking mana, so the gameplay loop (as far as I can tell) means you HAVE to spam mana flasks at a very high rate. I really don't even want to try this. Flasks are already an annoying mechanic to me, and a build with "mandatory" flask action is an instant no-go. I really, really want to do self-cast BL, but, I just don't see a way forward here.
  4. Already done Enki's Arc Witch. "If you want to self-cast lightning, maybe not BL, but Arc?" would probably be a quick alternative suggestion, but, I've done this one already.
  5. No minions. Been there, done that.
  6. I want to kill stuff from a distance. Cyclone, Ice Nova, Blade Blast, Vortex — these types of skills that require you to get up "in" the packs of monsters to kill them are really not my thing.
  7. Suitable for SSF. No mandatory uniques, or if any, they have to be target farmable, and the build still has to basically function without it them.
  8. Has a build guide or build video. Fairly casual and don't have hours to tinker / theorycraft on my own too much (outside of what is baseline required just by virtue of playing SSF). It can be meta or off-meta or whatever, so long as there's some kind of guide / info to go on.
  9. No preference for ascendancy. Doesn't matter what the class/ascendancy is, so long as it can meet these conditions.
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