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Loot from Stash Tab of T10 Canyons w/Auspicious Watchstone

I decided to farm a full stash tab of T10 Canyon maps. Two watchstones socketed – One Auspicious stone and 1 with alts to drop as full stack that never worked. Two stones required to sustain T10. I'm doing a self-curse build with no HH, just two Inspired Learning running BV. Got smart in the last 20-30 maps and swapped the Brightbeak for an Obliteration for more consistent explodes. I started out hitting some Delirium mirrors, some Legion encounters, a few Rituals. Not close to min-maxing for speed. I picked it up in the second half though.

All maps were alch'd, scoured mods I couldn't run, alch 'til good, then run! Rolled all 144 maps in advance to prep this project. XP took me from 92 to 93 with many several deaths. Most ex shards in one map was 7! Still holding out for a mirror shard drop!

Notable details for the loot!

– 150 T10 Canyon drops. Selling bulk 25:1ex = 6ex

– Cospri's Malice w/good roll = 1.1ex (cash separated with other uniques)

– 1 raw Ex drop

Total loot according to Exilence Next was around 2,930c. With adjustments for splinters priced funny, some things not priced, and bulk selling Ancient Orbs / T10 Canyon I rounded it off to 3k chaos or 30ex. Total run time was 5 hours for 144 maps. 2 minute maps. Not even close to speedy, I know, but decent enough! 6ex an hour got me closer to my HH!

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Feel free to ask me questions but I've never done this before. I'll do my best to answer but I work full time and my daughter has a fever so please be patient with me! Stay sane exiles!

EDIT: clarification on watchstones

EDIT 2: how I rolled maps and some more details for build


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