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Magic: Exile to Wraeclast – A Fan Magic the Gathering alter set feat. the community’s best art!

Greetings, Exiles!

I have spent the last few weeks compiling art and scouring sources for a little project that I have been working on that brings together two of my favorite hobbies together: Path of Exile and Magic the Gathering!

TL;DR: I made a custom set of 215 digital Magic card alters, using a combination of official PoE artwork, community fan art (with relevant credited work, of course!) and in-game sprites that I spruced up with some photoshop filters.

Here's a quick preview.

You can download the entire set here.

The download link includes an excel spreadsheet that lists all card names and their alias names. It also includes the original file to be used with Magic Set Editor, a community program designed for creating custom magic cards and sets. Give the program a download if you would like to view all the cards. If you were looking to print these off, I have read that printing from MSE may give better results. However, I would ask that you do not alter the cards themselves as I spent many weeks of my time designing these myself. If you have suggestions or have noticed a typo please let me know so I can change it myself!

I should note very clearly that these are ALTERS of existing cards, and not custom cards. The set was made with the fan program Magic Set Editor, for the purpose of creating custom sets and alter collections and not for the proxying of existing cards and artwork.

A bit of background:

It is no secret that PoE takes great inspiration from MtG. Chris Wilson is a well known MtG fan, has stated in many interviews that he takes great inspiration from WotC in regards to PoE's league system, and many items within PoE, including currency items such as the renowned Chaos Orb, Unique items and divination cards all take inspiration and pay homage to some classic MtG cards.

Path of Exile was what got me into Magic about a year ago. This little fan project of mine is my homage to my two favourite pass times. It has really been a fun project to do in my free time, dreaming up new ways certain characters or bosses within PoE could fit existing MtG cards!

The list of chosen MtG cards is made up mostly of Commander staples sourced from and personal favorite cards of mine. If you have any more suggestions, please let me know! I'd love to do another extended set in future!

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • My basic land cycle using the loading screen artwork from Acts I – V.
  • Zana, Master Cartographer, utilising her expertise in artifacts and mapping to create Thopter tokens as Breya, Etherium Shaper.
  • The Maven, drawing her power from enchantment spells as Tuvasa the Sunlit
  • Piety, the master Izzet wizard who recieves two cards to represent her two forms; Piety of Theopolis in her beauty and strength as Melek, Izzet Paragon, and Piety the Abomination as Kraum, Ludevic's Opus.
  • The Ancient Tomb of Niko's Azurite Mine.
  • The Exalted Orb cycle, providing mana as all the dual mana signets.
  • The Conquerors of the Atlas, who, in their mastery of the Atlas and the map device, are the only planeswalker cards in the set!
  • And of course, every Exile's dream, the Mirror of Kalandra, harnessing the cloning power of the Helm of the Hosts.

I have had a great time creating this set, and am hoping to get a complete print out of the digital alters myself to have on display in my own binder (but as of right now, I haven't found the best way to print these alters aside from simply printing on paper and sleeving in front of a card).

If any of this interests you, or you would like to see the alters for yourself, feel free to download the entire set in PDF form! I have also included an excel spreadsheet of all card alters, and the Magic Set Editor file if you would like to view it for yourself.

Hope you enjoy!


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