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Magic Find Academy Talent Competition – Create a Magic Find build and win 600 MTX points!

Content of the article: "Magic Find Academy Talent Competition – Create a Magic Find build and win 600 MTX points!"


Welcome Exiles! I'm Exosta, founder of the Magic Find Academy, the Discord Server for MF enthusiasts,both beginners and veterans, League and Standard players. We now count almost 1000 members in our community!

In our first Talent Competition I invite you to create a new original Magic Find Build,based on Item Quantity and Item Rarity Gear.

As we all know, Magic Find Ranger builds are the most popular, but in this competition we want to explore other interesting build possibilities, with different Skills and Ascendancies.You can theorycraft your build in League, but the best gear for Item Quantity is now legacy and only available in Standard: I recommend using Legacy Rare items with the Legacy "20% increased Item Quantity" mod.


Entering the event is free, no entry fee is needed. In order to apply you need to:

– join the MF Academy Discord server at this link

– post your Build Submission in the #🧱build-submissions channel!

The competition starts on September 5th, and ends on October 15th.


I will evaluate together with the other MF Academy founders every Build submission We recommend to prioritize a mix of the following aspects:

1) Creativity: Surprise us with an original MF build featuring Skills or Ascendancies that are not usually picked for playing Magic Find (a Windripper Ice Shot build does not have good chance to win this contest).

2) Gameplay: Try to create a powerful MF build, capable of running juiced maps. This is easier using the Legacy Gear available in Standard. Your build has no budget restrictions, you can choose to include expensive Mirror Tier items. Remember though, that we care more about creativity than sheer power.

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3) Quantity/Rarity: It's important to rise Quantity and/or Rarity, as much as you can. You don't have to add Quantity in every single gear slot, nonetheless we appreciate decent investment in Quantity/Rarity.

4) Showcase and Guide: You can post your build as a Path of Building Pastebin Code, but we appreciate entries with a detailed written guide. I recommend providing a link to a PoE Forum Thread or creating a YouTube Video! Remember that it's not mandatory to actually create the build ingame in order to post your Build submission. Pure theorycrafts are accepted as long as all items are existent or reasonably easy to craft!

Only one entry per Discord member. The build must be your own original work.


We are offering 600 Microtransaction points (MTX) that you can spend in the PoE Shop!

1st Place: 300 MTX Points

2nd Place: 200 MTX Points

3rd Place: 100 MTX Points

These points will be distributed as promotional codes, thanks to GGG! If you want to contribute to help rising the prize pool with an offer, don't hesitate to contact me and together we will contact GGG.


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