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Mahuxotl’s Forbidden Rite Occu

3.17 will bring back Ultimatum and its uniques. So my plan is to combine Mahuxotl's Machination with Tempered by War from Lethal Pride under Rakiata, then slapping on Mageblood with a ruby flask and just stack max chaos and fire res. All cold and lightning damage is taken as fire and chaos, so no need for a single cold or lightning res mod.

Forbidden Rite just because it's unbelievably strong and goes nicely with the huge max res bonus MM gives. And with ruby flask it is pretty much capped fire res already. Only chaos res will need a couple mods from gear, other than that I'd be free to push all other items to max out dps.

It offers quite some space for some more uniques but I can't really think of any right now. Weapon will be a Void Battery ofc, will be a charge stacker with Badge of the Brotherhood.

That leaves helm, boots, gloves, rings and chest. For rings I was thinking +1 max power charge rings (I know they'll cost a bit…), for helm I was thinking +power charge and -chaos res. Boots would be normal tailw/onsl/elusive boots. For chest I probably need the frenzy charge on hit mod, elev spell crit would be nice too ofc. And ofc prioritising life in all steps.

I made a first pob:

EDIT: made one with gear and stuff, about 40 mil dps version

Only problem I see is that I need some way of filling es quickly so it can proc the inc max res. Maybe I'll smush in some rmr gear and maybe a small rmr cluster to fit in discipline to make use of es gain on hit from watcher's. Rn I'm thinking of just running determ, pur of elem and zealotry. But I have quite some space for more rmr to eventually fit a fourth 50% aura I guess. Would also push base dmg a little, but not my defenses.

Other than that I guess just a chaos dmg leeched as life mod, don't need as es because of MM (immortal ambition).

All in all this should make for a very tanky, very strong build. I managed to get like 15-20 mil dps on self cast FR Occu in 3.16 and I didn't even invest all that much (not counting Mageblood).


EDIT 2: I realised some problems. For one mana cost is still a thing and will most likely block me from using precursor's. Second is withered, I'd have to rely on ascendancy and anom withering step + enhance to get 13 stacks on average. And last but not least spell suppression would be nice but kinda impossible to get now. With max rolls from boots and chest I'd get to 56%, which is still 44% too little. So I guess whis build will be kinda susceptible to one shots.

Mana cost is the real killer rn. I can do mana cost flask craft for about 50%, then repl conq eff and mana cost watcher's, would bring it down to about 22 mana cost. Maybe only use one precursor's and one -mana cost craft ring?

EDIT 3: I made a "final" pob fixing all problems like reservation, onslaught gain, mana cost, etc. Didn't even have to use repl conq eff, reduced mana cost jewels are quite useful here.

Here's the pob:

I will try out how awa spell echo or intensify feel like in actual gameplay, awa spell echo would push damage to about 50 mil dps. Ofc this is absolute mirror tier setup, but even on a "budget" (MB will be kinda mandatory) it should easily push to 20 mil dps and upwards.


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