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Mahuxotl’s Machination

Salutations Exiles

With the new League comes an interesting Unique Shield, which I would just like to elaborate on and create a discussion.

Mahuxotl's Machination Chance to Block: 26% Armour: 148 Energy Shield: 29

Pretty typical. Now comes the interesting part. Corrupted Soul. Divine Flesh. Eternal Youth. Immortal Ambition. Vaal Pact. Also a Everlasting Sacrifice.

Corrupted Soul is a keystone passive skill which causes 50% Non-Chaos damage taken to bypass Energy shield and grants 20% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield.

Divine Flesh is a keystone passive skill that converts 50% of elemental damage taken to chaos damage and grants additional maximum chaos resistance, but causes all damage to bypass energy shield.

Eternal Youth is a keystone passive skill which causes energy shield recharge to apply to life, but halves your life regeneration and life leech.

Immortal Ambition is a keystone passive skill which disables both energy shield recharge and regeneration and makes it degenerate by 5% each second, while causing life leech to recover energy shield when on full life.

Vaal Pact is a keystone passive skill that grants doubled life leech speed and maximum life leech rate, but causes life regeneration to have no effect.

Everlasting Sacrifice seems to be related to the Blood Magic content we have going, potentially allowing the use of Energy Shield as a resource for Blood based skills.

What this means is, we have Divine Flesh, meaning our Energy Shield is untouched as a health pool in terms of damage taken. Corrupted Soul essentially will boost that Energy Shield pool. Provided the Divine Flesh keystone is still in play, that means the 50% of Non-Chaos damage taken to bypass ES should already be happening. Eternal Youth essentially means your leech and life regen are reduced but Energy Shield recharge applying to Life can scale fast ES regen and high ES regen values to sustain incoming Life based damage but Immortal Ambition disables those factors making only Life Leech recover Energy Shield while on Full Life. With Vaal Pact doubling the Leech speed and leech rate and disabling Life regen.

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Off that, the following modifiers are placed. Life regen has no effect. Energy Shield recharge and Regeneration are Disabled. All damage taken will go directly into the Life Bar. Life Leech while at full life will recover Energy Shield, and when not on full Life will recover life. Life Leech will be overall halved by Eternal Youth but then essentially doubled by Vaal Pact. It's almost a complex version of Eldritch Battery/Ghost Reaver. Provided this is indeed the way it turns out, what builds do we think this would provide to?

Through the use of Leech naturally it would be wise to go into a Slayer build. Essentially with the Overkill and the not removed at Maximum, your leech should in theory sustain both a Life and Energy Shield pool, provided the incoming damage isn't killing you. With the Hematophagy notable you can further boost the natural leech and therefore Sustain.

Additionally, it looks as though if Everlasting Sacrifice is indeed related to blood spells or attacks, that you can fully reserve all Mana, avoid the life cost effects, essentially reducing the negative of the like of Blood Magic effects and the Blood abilities tradeoff, while sustaining Energy Shield as an effect Mana bar, and Life as a secondary Mana Bar aswell as a Main Health pool. It too would mean you have no need to worry about scaling anything other than max life as that increases your overall Resource bar and therefore more capacity to leech and keep attacking.

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Alternatively there is the Chaos, Fire, Lightning, Cold and Spell based leech as Energy Shield effects at the top of the tree. Utilising some kind of Trinity or Tri Element build could utilise these fairly well, but also not sure if the intended effects of it are to scale tri element or an invidual element. Typically these would apply to Hierophant, gaining Spell Leech while under the effects of Arcane Surge. Aswell as Chieftain with the Fire Damage leech base from Hinekora, Death's Fury. Through the use of the Berserker and the Savage hit taken mechanics, (a hit taken of atleast 15% or your maximum life) which essentially will mean your health bar will be Rubber Banding constantly as you leech it back up

Its fairly important to note that leech technically only applies on hits so the likes of Righteous Fire and other non hit builds are out. I haven't yet looked into the new Blood based skills in depth, but a Reap Slayer seems to be the direction it would go. Potentially utilising Cruelty Support and a Nasty base phys damage one hander to scale nasty initial hits, and result in nastier Damage over time effects. Using a weapon such as Bloodseeker could provided the base damage is sufficient, provide an excellent sustain with instant leech but I'm unsure of if this affects the "while leeching modifiers" as if they're instant do they still have that leeching duration? It would also potentially tend to lead into Petrified Blood to soften that incoming damage curve when below 50%, increasing the survivability when in a vulnerable state. The Proximity if using a Slayer to the Defiance and the entire Gladiatorial Combat and Retaliation wheel gives access to some additive block chance, which can potentially lead into a max block option, aswell as add some much needed increased defenses from Shield which will scale up the Armour and Energy Shield a bit more.

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I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on Mahuxotl's Machination. As always, best of luck, Exiles.


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