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Mon’tregul’s Grasp Zombies 3.13- Tidying Up

Content of the article: "Mon’tregul’s Grasp Zombies 3.13- Tidying Up"

Basic premesis of the build is to use zombies- because auto targeting on 10 bosses will be worth it's weight in gold.

Due to the minion nerfs, you'll notice I've gone *very* defensive with the minions. I've taken Aegis, and used a shaper on block shield to keep them up. I don't see them dying to anything trivial at any point.

My character itself uses glancing blows to achieve nearly 20% block and 46% spell block- as attacks I'm less worried about that off-screen spells, which will surely be an issue this league.

I am also ailment immune.

However, through the process I'm left with two decisions:

Which spectres to use. Currently I have the carnage chieftain to generate frenzy charges. I don't need host Cheftains because I'm using 20% quality assassin's mark, which should keep up maximum power charges. I'm also using meat shield until we learn how bad the post-20 scaling is in addition to the -4 nerf, as the extra health, damage reduction, and staying out of combat may be wise, but unsure if this will hurt charge and/or buff generation.

I'm considering Xoph's chosen, since it would give 80% of my pure physical damage as fire damage. Since the Tul nerf, no idea on the other 2.
Which Animated Guardian items to use. Kingmaker and the standard I assume? Keeping in mind it's linked with meat shield for even greater survivability, so range will be a factor.

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Final considerations:

Mana for specters. I'm under incredible socket strain. Even after using flame dash in my ring, I don't seem to have room for blood magic.

Number of Zombies: Currently, PoB tells me I can have 5 (7 from the gem itself, 2 from the tree, 1 from amulet, halved by Grasp). I could use an underground amulet for an additional zombie, but that would be rounded down from 11 to 4.5, and then rounded off to just 4, so seems rather pointless yes? Hence running +1 support.

Budget. I can tell you I'm aware of budgets, but always under-estimate my own builds in terms of expenses. While this requires a lot of redeemer items, with everything being off-meta and only a few cheap uniques, it seems doable.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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