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My Cyclone Champion isn’t very good

/u/Seiyashi suggested I put this build here, because he thinks that one million Sirus DPS at level 95 with a Starforge is subpar and this could use some fixing.

…And to be honest, it probably is subpar. This build takes cues from various cyclone builds I've seen, but is also partially self-assembled, and thus may not be optimal. It also doesn't feel very powerful. Like, that boss in Burial Chambers, the explodey witch? It takes me over a minute of sustained hitting to chew through her health bar. And that's just a map boss, never mind Sirus. I can't really move that guy's health bar at all in phase 3 anymore, not with the small DPS windows I get between dodging his mechanics and finding out where the heck he went this time. (Needless to say, I've never beaten him.)

However, BEFORE you go and comment, there's something I need you to understand:

This character is in Standard League. I have only limited playtime, and sometimes also play on another, lower-leveled character with a friend. This character was first made in Metamorph League, over a year ago, and I'm just now approaching proper Atlas completion with Awakening bonuses all Watchstones and such. Perhaps partially because the build isn't very good, and neither am I (certainly am dying a lot) but playtime does have a major impact.

As a result of being in Standard League, good gear is extremely hard to come by. You will look at this character and go "holy shit, buy better gloves", and believe me, I wish I could. There is no slot on this character that I could upgrade for less than two-digit exalt costs, and even then it's a gamble whether someone actually bothers to list something good that particular day.

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Now that the league rollover has started, and everyone's Ritual characters got pulled into Standard, I may have a short window with improved chances of finding something. Rest assured that I've saved up some currency and will be looking. But for the time being, judge this build's gear like it was assembled in SSF, not in a trade league. It comes somewhat close to the truth.

On to the build itself! The following are what I consider to be good things about it:

  • Legacy sixlink Starforge with over 800 base dps and a useful corruption implicit.
  • Legacy Loreweave with 80% fixed elemental resist maximum (hoping to find a good helmet with physical hit conversion someday).
  • 6k life plus some few hundred energy shield.
  • Overleech for both of them, through Immortal Ambition.
  • Decent defenses, though certainly not HC-rated
  • Doesn't require any accuracy rating due to Taunt nodes in ascendancy.

What I consider to be bad things about it, apart from the gearing issue mentioned further up:

  • Dies more often than I like; probably at least 40 times on the road from level 94 to 95. Some of it is certainly down to me just being that bad. But sometimes I get nuked so fast I couldn't possibly have reacted in time. There are a good number of common map mods that I don't feel comfortable running at tier 16.
  • Struggles to kill bosses. I get 1 million PoB DPS in sand stance without flasks, but even if I switch to blood stance and pop three damage flasks, stuff like the conquerors takes me a solid minute or so of just wailing on them. And often, mechanics make it hard to get any reasonable DPS time as a melee build in the first place. Beating Sirus feels a million miles out of reach.
  • Struggles to speed-clear large areas. As an example, when I do a Legion, I get maybe a third of it tops. Dashing to the sergeants and chests of one side, popping all those, and then the time is just about over already.
  • Flesh and Stone's nerf if going to be very troublesome to deal with. I currently have it along with a Maim support, the other auras, and a level 4 Enlighten support in my second sixlink. Losing the gem would mean my auras will only be needing a fourlink, leaving me with an empty sixlink that I have flat-out no idea what to do with, and I'll lose both damage and defenses. If I'm going to keep the gem, I'll have to sacrifice passive tree points to take the (currently) awful stance nodes that will be getting the reduced mana reservation, or sacrifice my anointment. This too will cost me damage and defenses. It's been suggested to me to take a herald or aspect skill instead, but I'm not sure how that will pan out, or make up for losing sand stance.
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The PoB link is here: Please be honest, but please also be polite 🙂

The passive tree has a "current" view, a "future" view for level for the level 100 goal (not like there's much difference anymore, with just five points left to go), and a "future clusters" view. You can more or less ignore the last one, as last I checked, getting those kinds of jewels cost north of 200 exalts. In other words, it'll never happen.


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