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My farm setup in this league. Mirror of delirium

Hi, its my first post on reddit. Sorry for my english, i'm russian. Profile name in poe "Slojka"

Some introduction

In comments to the other post i wrote that i make around 100ex per day now. And i get a few questions, how i do it. Of course this farm takes 10-12 hours per day. It is "Areas contain a mirror of Delirium" sextant mod.

I start to farm this on second week of this league, and buy headhunter after 2 days. At that time it was around 60ex per day. I farmed t11 Strand map, normal map, without transmut or alch, only 20 quality from chisels, because it was difficult for my build lightning arrow (la). Now i did 36 challenges only with 2 buttons la and dash without barrage. Easy kill a8 sirus, uber elder, uber atziry, cortex, but i couldn't close feared with all bosses at once. I know how i can upgrade my build, but i dont want

Farming now. Setups

There are two options for me, T14 Strand for more simulacrum splinters, or T17 Promenade, for 84ilvl clusters. They are quite similar. Passives in valdo's Rest which i use: Greater Forces and all 3 passives on blight. I think that "blight encounters spawn 100% more monsters" is realy good for delirium. In Uncharted Realm i have "Neural Pathways", "Remnants of the past" for chance synthesis elder shaper maps, because in strand and promenade we have 2 unique bosses. Of course "Secrets of the stones" and "Enduring Influence". Atlas complete 116/108.

1) T14 Strand map. Look at this watchstone, i find it on trade and buy.

I use 3 watchstones with 8% inc splinters and buy 1 unique booming populace with mirror of delirium(1.3ex). On map i roll beyond with alch and scour(10c). In Zana i take beyond(5c). 4 scarabs: rusted elder(6c), blight(3c), legion(2c) and gilded breach(10c). Also i select Alva's missions. And absolutly random another 3 sextant mods, which give atleast 1 monster on map (for example zana missions on sextant dont give 1 additional monster, yes with alva mission). With this setup for 4 maps (1 sextant) i take 3 full simulacrums, more than 200 simulacrum splinters per map, 8 stacks of the first reward from mirror of delirium (6 stacks second reward, 4 stacks third reward, 2 stacks fourth reward). When i start blight on map, or start breach, i press "v" and go to scourge. Delirium did not stop, when u are in scourge, we need to keep an eye on this. Also for 4 maps i have in average 6-7 delirium orbs, in bulk price 4-6 orbs for 1 ex. Clusters not so expensive, but give profits too. Blight maps – bulk on TFT. Further about clusters.

2) T17 Promenade map. Just look at this screenshot, its insane

Watchstones: 2 magic with chance to drop cluster jewel, booming and stalwart or terror for +1 area level (may be misinformation will be better?). Scarabs are the same like in T14 Strand (gilded elder for more bases), but for good high tier influenced bases, u choose between elder and shaper scarabs. Also dont forget about spawn Sirus with any another influences on this t17 map. When i go to a8 Sirus after killing omni or kosis on t17, i think "how boring and small". Sirus has much much less health points then delirium bosses or unique map bosses under delirium with 7-8 stacks on the first reward. Sextants like in t14, 1 mirror of delirium and 3 random. T17 with more life or more damage from unique watchstone are dungerous, so u can roll beyond with alterations and run magic map. Rewards like T14 Strand, simulacrum splinters (less then on t14), delirium orbs, blight maps (higher tier). Also huge profit from 84ilvl clusters and 86 non influenced bases.High tier bases without any influence 86 ilvl: Two-toned boots (fire and cold or armour and evasion in valdo'rest) – 60c. Spiked gloves 20c, Convoking wand 20c, iolite ring 10c. Once i get 7 convoking wands per 4 maps, or 5 two-toned boots per 4 maps. Only this bases give more profit than waste on watchstones. And i get around 6-7 clusters per one map. 3+ from delirium monsters (try dont miss areas with hidden delirium monsters, and run through it to get more monsters) and 3 after ending of mirror. Good chance for good cluster.

Filter. It's important, Neversink did a great job, but you have to make sure all bases and clusters are highlight in your filter. I change my filter few weeks ago and dont remember all, but i think that convoking 86ilvl not highlighted. Also minion clusters with 9-10-11 passives are hidden, but they are very expensive. Just open and and make sure, that u can see all that u need. Actually u can pickup all bad clusters, and selling 5 to vendor for chance to get good cluster.


You need good fast build for this farm, but u can start like me t11 strand without transmuts or alchs, or maybe T17 without transmuts or alchs, of course profit will be less. But when i start it, mirror of delirium watchstone cost around 50c. Exalt was cheaper too

With my build i can solo farm t14 tower in MF gear, but i dont want this. I dont want waste time on picking loot, rolling nem3 and other sextants and rolling maps for beyond+nem3. All simulacrum splinters drops in 1 stack after ending mirror of delirium, all loot can be picked up when u ran map from start to end. You don't have to go back to the start of the map.

I hope it will be useful for someone

BTW i have 60lvl blood crucible and dont get 3 slot


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