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My gift to this subreddit my bosskiller build that cant go wrong

Content of the article: "My gift to this subreddit my bosskiller build that cant go wrong"

Hi everyone the last few League i am playing a build that got inspired from Balor Mage Guardian Dominating Blow build but only with a few improvements in terms of survivability in my opinion.

For everyone looking for a boss killer build this one will not disappoint you so i am gonna share with you what's all this about.Here gonna explain the core mechanics that makes it awesome. Dont get intimidated by some expensive gems or items without going for the absolute endgame items the build works fine.

The Character is a Templar Guardian.

Main skill we use :Phantasmal Dominating Blow+Predator+Awakened Melee Splash+Divergent Fortify+Awakened Brutality+Awakened Multistrike and we alost use a 5L Herald of Purity on our Helm with Aspect of the Avian

Weapon is "The Scourge" Unique weapon that drops from Shaper Boss Chimera and makes the inreased or reductions to Minions apply on you with increased value.

For a chest we use Craiceann's Carapace for the Immune to Bleeding which is very important and also gives a lot of life and some resist

Shield: We need Shaper shield with recover on % Life on Block and Life which is very easy to craft only with Pristine Fossils

What makes this build so good and balanced is the Maximum Chaos resist we got with Glorious Vanity "Xibaqua Jewel" (Divine Flesh). Along with the Node and some small passive nodes we can get 82% chaos resist and the Divine Flesh gives us 50% of the Elemental Damage taken as Chaos Damage.

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Glancing Blows along with Deflection and the Ascendancy we can get easy Max Block Attack Damage and Max Block Projectile Damage. The only hard part scaling is Block Spell Damage . In my build i get it to 70 with Granite Flask (50 without) .

Will not go on Cluster Jewels because they are the classic mainstream for Dominating Blow but if anyone is interested you can check my profile on PoB Community "quodlike" account name .

I know this is not a real guide for new players so i suggst going to site he does a wonderful job explaining the build which i also got inspired . This is just my variant.

Feel free to ask anything .


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