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My guess about 3.12. This will define if I must keep working as a researcher or not.

Content of the article: "My guess about 3.12. This will define if I must keep working as a researcher or not."

Some people liked my investigation about the next expasion, so I decided to create a post about it and improve it. Whether it proves to be true or not, it was funny spending something around three hours doing this research. Hope you also like it. 🙂


Bex said that they were living a "full circle" when showing a journalist, that has seen PoE 10 years ago, the newest expansion.

Full circle = back to the beginning.

PoE's login screen back in 2009 was a boat (you can see it here, posted by Chris).

The last map/town in PoE is "Karui shores".

Also, a "full circle" is an "O". Ouroboros is a symbol that expresses an idea of going back to the beginning and creating a new life from the death of the past.

"Friendship", in Bex clue, could relate to the Black Crest, Weylam Roth's (friend) ship.


Edit 1: Maybe we are finally following Innocence in his exile?

He says, after we get to Oriath:)

"But until that day I will remain in the furthest south, in a place of ice and ash, of blistering seas and abysmal storms. I shall meditate on my wrong doings, until a way of making amends to the millions of lives I have murdered and ruined, reveals itself to me."

Innocence is also a friend "we made along the way", since… we'll, we murdered him and then asked for his help.


Edit 2: We give the map to Tsoatha to Lilly Roth, Weylam's granddaughter.

Lilly says, about Tsoatha, in Act 10:

"Well, the Brine King, as you know was forced into a slumber 'neath the ocean, and the city was said to have joined him there as well. A few folk managed to flee from the collapsing coral shards, start new lives for themselves, but I'll be reckoning they left all their valuables behind. "

I went back to look at the Quest "Map the Tsoatha".

About it, Lilly says:

"Now that the Brine King is nothing but crab meat, his sunken domain, the ancient city of Tsoatha, is ripe for the plundering*.*

Me grandaddy once dedicated a good portion of his sailing life, trying ta hunt down the location of that monolithic city. <...> I were this close to completing me grandfather's legacy, when those damn Templar privateers raided me ship and took off with the The Teardrop, threw it in their Reliquary, here in Theopolis. As it were, now's the perfect time to retrieve that dazzling pearl. <...>"

After you found and delivered the Map:

"We'll stick around a while longer, but once things settle down, my grandfather and I, we'll be setting sail with Tsoatha firm in our sights."

Some guys tried to translate the inscription on the Teardrop. It could maybe be translated into "sleeping, I await at the brink of madness for Tsoatha's Revival" or "sleeping, I await at the brink of madness. Tsoatha's death yet calls".


Edit 3: One of the monsters in the Brine King's Reef is the Brine Vassal.

According to that page, the Brine Vassal is categorized, by the Bestiary, into the Family "The Deep".

When you look at which cards drop on The Brine King's Reef, you have the following results: Lantador's Lost Love, The Siren, Scholar of the Seas and, the most important, The Deep Ones.

The Siren text: "At the beck and call / of The Siren's hand, / winter ravages / the trembling land, / and the weight of ice that binds / will break the strongest of minds"

Innocence said that he'd go to "a place of ice and ash".

Scholar of the Seas text: "I've never come upon a ship I could not command. I have however met sailors that were not willing to be led".

The set of this card generates the Unique Map Mao Kun, which text is: "The Treasures of the Tides wait in agony at the End of the World". Tsoatha could be considered the End of the World since it's a submerged city. Also, Innocence kinda said that he was going to go to the end of the world.

The Deep Ones text: "The Seas Call, the Mad Answer".

It seems pretty close to the inscription found on the Teardrop: Tsoatha calls, the mad answer.

The set of this card generates the Unique Maul Tidebreaker. Its text says: "The sea strikes the rock relentlessly. Whether in one day or in ten thousand years, eventually the rock will crumble, and the Brine King's domain will grow".

The "Brine King's domain" is Tsoatha.

Only in the Reef Map ("map version" of the Brine King's Reef) you can drop The Formless Sea card. It says: "Formless might, / Wild beauty tamed, / The brine of gods, / The seas restrained". It generates the Varunastra, which is a Vaal weapon.


Edit 4: When we search about the end of the Vaal civilization, we find the following:

"The Vaal civilization seems to have ended as the result of some internal event rather than external conquest. This event may be the mysterious "communion" the Vaal were seeking before their demise according to Icius Perandus as is written in one of the Golden Pages: "A communion… but with what? By all accounts, it wasn't God that the Vaal were trying to reach." Said communion took place during the harvest moon, and Doryani was at the heart of this event. Both Atziri and Doryani died in the cataclysm, as did many others. Some people also "changed" (possibly a reference to the Vaal Fallen found in the Pyramid?). On the Golden Page (Siosa's translation, not the flavour text) that mentions this, the words "sleep", "nightmare" and "the Beast" are also mentioned, and that the Vaal have "failed" themselves. This probably means that the Beast played an important role in the cataclysm."

The "sleep" thing appears in the Map to Tsoatha inscription. Also, the "communion" must also have driven them mad and cursed, since until the present days the Vaal guard their riches.


Edit 5: This guy search for "the real treasure was the friendships we made along the way".

It is a phrase from the book "The House in the Cerulean Sea".

The name of this book remembered me of the Cerulean Ring, which also drops from the Reef Map.



I search for the "Deep" family in the Bestiary. The Deep are divided in Cephalopods, Crustaceans and Amphibians.

Description of The Deep: "The uncharted depths of chaos and control. What scaled abominations lurk below?"

Description of the Crustaceans: "Some say the crustacean is born from the souls of dead men. Those warriors who fought and fell. For the crab is formed with its armour intact, its sword becomes its pincers and its shield becomes its skin."

Description of the Amphibians: "Creatures of mud and swamp, the amphibian is a foul smelling thing. Beware his uncanny talents to breathe both above and below, for with this trick, he will lure his prey and let it sink into the deathly grip of a murky mire."

And the most important one:

Description of the Cephalopods: "Nightmares sprung forth from the tentacular void. And eldritch hatred emanates from various appendages, and the suctioning grip of their callous embrace will pull a man further into the unholy depths."

Does it sound familiar, Exile?

Yep. The Elder probably is one of The Deep – that's why he has all those tentacles. Like it could be seen during the fights against the Elder and his army, he is a force of chaos and decay. Exactly by that reason his arena was called Absence of Value and Meaning, where we can also see Madness propagators. Remember: "the sea calls, the mad answer".

You can read on the Watcher's Eye: "One by one, they stood their ground against a creature they had no hope of understanding, let alone defeating, and one by one, they became a part of it".

Every fallen creature became a part of that decaying world, a world that created The Elder.

The Shaper realized which risks the Elder presented. Probably, The Elder was just the beginning of something much more menacing, a kingdom of void and decay. But The Shaper also ended up being consumed by that force, driven mad by the horrors he had seen. That's why, if you take a closer look, he has tentacles and not hair. Part human, part cephalopod, The Shaper tried to resist the madness of The Deep Ones, but it was too late for him.

If I am right in my lead… Is it too late for us?


Edit 7: I've decided to search the Bestiary again. Then, the Craiceann, First of the Deep caught my attention.

Craiceann Carapace: "The First of the Deep was the First of All. It was He who conquered the waves, who stood guard as land rose from sea."

Craiceann's Chitin: "When the rains come, we cower beneath shelter. The First of the Deep teaches us that we should seek no shelter but ourselves."

Craiceann's Pincers: "The stone that stays in the waves soon crumbles to sand. The First of the Deep teaches us to watch the tides and choose our moments to move wisely."

Craiceann's Tracks: "When the land rose above the sea, The First of the Deep did not move.When the sky turned to fire, The First of the Deep did not perish. We must remember our place, and play to our strengths."

According to the Crustaceans lore (Edit 6 above), "the crab is formed with its armour intact, its sword becomes its pincers and its shield becomes its skin". If so, the Craiceann's armour is the armour of the first of The Deep Ones.


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