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My max block Lacerate crit Gladiator, C&C welcome

Content of the article: "My max block Lacerate crit Gladiator, C&C welcome"

Hello there!

I'm a relatively new player, played around 1-2 months during the Breach league and I came back recently, joining a real life friend who played here for quite some time. He always played casters, his melee knowledge is very limited so I thought I could've asked here. I created this build based on my very short experience (and my liking, I like the melee playstyle a lot) and by looking at some builds to have an idea about what to do.

So, right now I feel my damage is quite low, especially on bosses. I'm gathering currency to change weapon (to a new Jewelled Foil with 2 attack speed and 500+ pDps). Sometimes I feel also that my character is a bit squishy. I like delving a lot, I'm around 400 depth and sometimes I straight up get one shotted out of nowhere. The real struggle is with bosses though, it takes me sooooo much time to kill A8 Sirus, uber Atziri and the likes. Improving the survivabilty drops drastically my already low damage and I don't really know how to balance things out unfortunately, and I don't have anyone to ask for a similar build (looked also on YouTube, Esoro's build is a dual wield axe build which is not the same. Same with Facebreaker Cyclone).

What I am looking for is for some tips or advice on how to improve this build. I tried messing up a bit with PoB but it doesn't seem to improve a lot.

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Something worth saying: – Precision 20 over Pride to solve mana issues and to give some buffs to my friend who plays a non physical class (planning to get an amulet with 0 mana reservation on Pride so I can get both, just need some more currency right now)

  • no vulnerability ring since my friend stacks auras, but if it's a huge deal I might get one for solo play (never tried, I could use some comments about that)

  • I know everyone went bleed/RT Lacerate, but I had a lot of crit gear since I started out with Cleave and now I'm kinda stuck with it, tried to tailor my build around the gear I had at the time

  • I'm okay with changing weapon type/respeccing or changing main skill, but since I already have a Cyclone Slayer build I'd rather not switch into that skill

  • I tried for a week or two Abyssus, and while the dmg increase is incredibly high, my death rate went up considerably, so I opted for a more defensive Starkonja to avoid regular oneshots

Any input, suggestion and comment is more than welcome. I would like to improve my buildmaking abilities and I would really love to try Hardcore one day (whenever I'll be able to create a balanced build)

The build:


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