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Need help on a super bad, but unique build, please help give some ideas!

Content of the article: "Need help on a super bad, but unique build, please help give some ideas!"

So, my brain is turning to mush with all the both possibilities and lack of possiblities for a build im trying to make work, just because. I am building a "All (95%) Keystones" build, with some slight "cheating" using timeless jewel and i dont have enough SP for Ancestral Bond, so i wont take those.

Things that happen: No mana pool. ES is 0. No Leech or Regen is possible. No Shields work. You have Blood Magic and Avatar of Fire active at all times (either Avatar or CI, i chose Avatar). Also cant crit and you deal like 40% less damage.
Positives? You're a Scion, and you have some evasion and dodge and warcry and stuff. I also own 2 legacy -7 mana cost rings if i need to take CI.

Some ideas so far: Using Aberath's Hooves is probably a must. Death's Oath if I were to take CI. A hybrid flask with "not removed on full mana" to keep life topped up. As much MS as possible since im weak, so maybe using Phase Rush in my LMB. Herald of Ash OR Anger, maybe using herald. Which ascendencies too is a decision, scion trickster+raider would make for the most speedy boy and help me with life recovery if its any build with DoT Builds ideas so far: Using cyclone to reduce mana spending, maybe combined with CwC gem and some spell, BV? Dual Mjoner?(i have the attributes). Burning arrow Ignite, maybe Xoph's bow? Chieftan holy flame totems until i realized scion chieftan leech and regen dont do anything.

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Also any tips on uniques, including up to 2 jewels, good skills to use with damage early but can be Fire, and literally cant be Chaos, unless i take CI and be extra glass cannon.

I could really use the help, after 3 years of playing i've made a few builds but wanted to make this meme build after i saw an old video of someone who took every keystone on the old passive tree.


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