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NeverSink’s itemfilter – version 8.0.1 – ultimatum finetuning, economy update and general improvements

NeverSink's itemfilter – version 8.0.1 – ultimatum finetuning, economy update and general improvements

This update focuses on improving some of the color and highlight schemes introduces in 8.0.0 and also focuses on making things look better in general.

On top of that, the economy tiering of the filter should be much more representative of the new economy! – is of course also updated!

Want to watch me code/poe, get live updates or support the project?:



Source Description (DOWNLOAD) Recommended way of downloading the filter. Has support for all strictness, styles and economy versions! Includes overview, explanations and a loot simulator. Experienced users can also edit filters there comfortably and merge their changes into new versions. Always up-to-date!
POE site filter list You can subscribe to my POE filter account to receive auto-updates. However, you can't customize these and it has no style support! Come in SC/HC economy versions.
GitHub Mostly for developers: you can also get the filters from GitHub!


The Filter changelogs can always be found here: CHANGELOGS

The FilterBlade changelogs can be found on the FilterBlade discord: DISCORD

Filter and Styleversions

Higher strictnesses filter more items. The general rule is that: the faster you are, the less you want to pick up, because in the time you'd take care of a higher quantity of items, you can kill more monsters and get a higher chance at expensive loot and experience. You can start with Regular/Semi-Strict first (great for new players and leagues) and simply up the strictness from the option menu, once you feel like you want to see less.

Nr Name Short Description
Soft Shows too much. Includes low crafting bases, magic jewellery in the endgame. Not recommended for regular gameplay.
1 Regular Shows a lot. Recommended for beginners, new leagues and slow-clearing gameplay. Shows all rares. Good for chaos recipes.
2 Semi-Strict Healthy balance. Great for new leagues and beginners and medium-speed endgame gameplay. Hides the worst rares. Good for chaos recipes.
3 Strict Hides bad-base rares and scrolls in the endgame. Disables most recipes. Recommended endgame strictness.
4 Very Strict Hides most rares, scrolls, augments, armourers. Good for the endgame and for farming once your character is well equipped.
5 Uber Strict Hides all low currencies and rares. Great for speed-farming, once you have a highly optimized build and atlas! Hides maps of tier 10 and lower.
6 Uber+ Strict Shows too little. Sterile screen. Hides all kind of stuff, including mediocre divination cards, all kind of crafting material etc. Recommended for high-speed clearing, once your character is top tier geared, your atlas complete and optimized and you're breezing through maps very fast! Hides maps of tier 13 and lower.

Styles have no effect on how strict the filter is, but change the visual and audio configuration. Find one that pleases your eye most or make your own on . FilterBlade also comes with a preview comparison/feature for styles and strictnesses.

Special thanks to…

  • /u/Tobnac and Haggis – the 2 others minds behind filterblade + great friends

  • A special thank you to all the Patreons! A special thanks goes to: Ryndaar, Phegan, Matt O.,Henry G., Reilly M!

  • A special thanks to my discord and twitch community!

Happy Hunting Exiles,



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