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NeverSink’s itemfilter – version 8.3.1 – BaseDefencePercentile bug-fixes and scourged item handling and eco-adjustments

NeverSink's itemfilter – version 8.3.1 – BaseDefencePercentile bug-fixes and scourged item handling and eco-adjustments

PERFECION/BASE-DEFENCE-PERCENTILE FILTERING BUG: Currently the 3.16 version of the game includes a bug that displays weapons and jewellery ingame with the perfection rating (basedefencepercentile) of 0, instead of 100 as stated in GGG's descriptions ( ). This bug has caused certain items to be hidden, when they should've been shown. This affects the highlight of normal/magic atlas-base-jewellery, such as opal rings, vermillion rings, crystal belts etc. Rare versions very still shown consistently, but were given the wrong highlight.

To address this issue, I've removed the perfection rating filtering from high level crafting bases, until the bug is fixed. I've also contacted GGG about this and they confirmed that they will look into it. I apologize for the inconvenience. Perfect influenced and perfect non-influenced selected armours of itemlevel 85+ will still be highlighted correctly with a purple moon and work correctly.

SCOURGED ITEMS: Scourged items are way less potent than expected. The vast majority of dropped scourged item drops is sadly not worth using. This is due to dropped items requiring a good explicit roll (without the ability to mastercraft them and improve by conventional methods). On top of that one is often stuck with link and color prblems and the scourged item implicit is usually detrimental to the item usefullness.

Due to this situation as of now, I'm reducing the highlight of all scourged items, hiding them early on lower strictnesses and minimizing the number of "useful scourge" bases in the filter.


  • Retiered all items to better match the current POE scourge economy
  • Tainted currencies are now economy-tiered by data. They both have single orb and stacked drop tiering
  • Added aspects and handling for different new basetypes and items.
  • Added handling for all the new divinaiton cards
  • Fixed a few bugs for economy based cluster jewel tiering. The filter now attempts to highlight Cluster jewels if they're expensive
  • Added an section for scourged maps in case they'll be dropping in the future

Filter update timeline:


Download and Changelogs

SourceDescription (DOWNLOAD)Recommended way of downloading the filter. Has support for all strictness, styles and economy versions! Includes overview, explanations and a loot simulator. Experienced users can also edit filters there comfortably and merge their changes into new versions. Always up-to-date!
POE site filter listYou can subscribe to my POE filter account to receive auto-updates. However, you can't customize these and it has no style support! Come in SC/HC economy versions.
GitHubMostly for developers: you can also get the filters from GitHub!

The Filter changelogs can always be found here: CHANGELOGS

The FilterBlade changelogs can be found on the FilterBlade discord: DISCORD

Filter and Styleversions

Higher strictness filters more items. The general rule is that: the faster you are, the less you want to pick up, because in the time you'd take care of a higher quantity of items, you can kill more monsters and get a higher chance at expensive loot and experience. You can start with Regular/Semi-Strict first (great for new players and leagues) and simply up the strictness from the option menu, once you feel like you want to see less.

*Styles have no effect on how strict the filter is, but change the visual and audio configuration. Find one that pleases your eye most or make your own on .

FilterBlade also comes with a STYLE COMPARISON feature.

Special thanks to…

  • /u/Tobnac and Haggis – the 2 others minds behind filterblade + great friends

  • A massive thank you to all the PATREONS! (list pending)

  • A special thanks to my DISCORD and TWITCH community!

Happy Hunting Exiles,



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