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Noob veteran need help to become better poe player.

Content of the article: "Noob veteran need help to become better poe player."

Here's my story.

I love this game (play only PS4 now due of back issue health) ,have been playing it since 2013,probably 10 or more leagues so far and 30+ characters reached to maps. The problem is i really suck at this game.After reading countless guides posts, after trying dozens youtubes so called best builds , the end is always the same, i hit wall at mid mapping ,sometimes even at white maps. than i trying to respec character loosing al my currency with it ending with even worse char and no currency and no no will continue playing (that was my 3.11 story).

I have never complete atlas,nor seen shaper or elder or any of end content.I usually good at gaming been playing over 30 years and never struggle at any game that much, consider x000 hours spent there.

My last league wasn't bad at he beginning. i started with ziz VD spellsinger necro reached maps respec to build and stick with pob and was dying at whites with bad clearspeed on to of it.With my limited time for game max 2-3 h a day plus weekend I couldn't afford playing 2 weeks for 1ex profit that won't solve any of my problems, with my exp i upgrade my char less than 5% with it, and 105% of big sh*t is still….you know. So having bad first character unable to do white at at least decent rate and not dying and no currency after 2 weeks i made new char. It was esoros lacerate gladiator able to do all content or they say.But definitely not with some1 like me playing it.Leveling was pain but after few days i reached maps was even worse i have died like 4-5 on t1 white,wrong map mod i got i thought so run few more but it was disaster it would take me weeks to get "budget crap" from guide to just be able to do white maps, no thank you and maybe build after some gear milestone would be really good but that point was far as getting mirror 4 me.

Was really depressed at that time but friends from poe community encourage me for 1 more try.Knowing my lack of skills they suggested me trying ed/con trickster spellsinger.I have picked ziz build because it says it starts map at 1c .I started again leveled it somehow quite easy but still it was 10-15h for me. I hiT maps and iT was quite easy at whites due to not dying all the time and decent clearspeed. Next i go yellow i still got decent clear but due to quite low dps bosses was a bit of challenge sometimes. At t7-8 my clearspeed dropped below decent and easiest t11 was still a no-no I finished 1 or 2 magic t11 at low speed and few deaths in 15 minute so it was nothing close to 2-3 minute per map efficient run.I need to improve my gear but have no currency as always.But then i got lucky and hit jackpot got 12ex. I was around 80lv than about 5k life+es, max res 30+chaos res with 22 lv ed/con.You say now he can't fu#k it. should go CI, cap chaos res get 21 gems with quality some good jewels and go red. I did and lost hope. i go from 20c gear 5k life and about 100k dps from my pob to 1000c gear that i never had in any of my leagues , my improvement was 15% more life/es max chaos res and about 20% more dps due to 21 lv ed gem. In the end red was still a no-no due to low dps and bad clearspeed. in the past i got more in my character from few chaos crappy unique sometime even 50% more dps from better weapon worth few c. After all ended in same place as usual mid tier mapping with no currency no chance of even seeing endgame content.If it was pc and not ps4 i could do bit better with gearing up but i can only play ps4 due to my current health.And ps4 poe community is not forgiving any mistakes because of much smaller player base and almost everyone there know what to do, craft or price. So any mistake and ps4 economy will eat you alive.(mid-high end gear is 3x price of pc version.) And its very difficult to sell anything that close to min-max gear.

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Now i thinking about my next league strategy that will save me from my past mistakes and let me see what this game is at best when playing the RIGHT WAY.

my strategy 3.12

1-pick right starters for my goals(red mapping +some end game content if posibble) +easy to gear and cheap+ moron proof.

(thinking of impale cyc champion 2h sword or axe)

2.level as fast as possible to a10 not buing anything from market not picking crap after a1(setting to very strict filter)? goal 5-7 h kitava

  1. Selling all crap for 1alch or fus to acumulate currency before you reach maps (making all t1-4 yellow) and fus for buying first maps to asap corners in atlas and unlocking citadels.

  2. Ending all skill quests 4 skill points rewards.+unlocking mines for delve

5.little gear up or push whites maps?

6.Flipping currency early on or focus on mapping?

7.What to do if i got lucky drop like ex or shavrone?

8. Do all maps or focus on specific maps

  1. Do low blight maps / unique mas or ignore?

  2. Right time to invest at better gear .after whites or after dps wall or wait till reds?

11.What not to do at begining of the league?

Looking 4 yours thoughts about that sorry for making it so long.

guide from reddit i really like but don't know 2 many of what he talks


1-Friday 5pm – saturday 2am

Like everyone else i leveled with arc mines shadow to switch to arcwarp assassin once i got my pens.

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4h to aqueducts and another 5 to farm humilities and chaos recipe + do a9+10 and labs. I wanted to get 1 or even 2 pens here but they were already 45c, i got 24c, bought 1ex for 20 and off to do atlas

2-Saturday 2am – Saturday 1pm

My initial plan was basically the same, rush 2x pens, get all t1-t8 on atlas and farm shaped volcanos for kaoms while selling shaped ugs and lower maps, then switch to +5 belfry and then either guardians or eldered channel. Well now pens are 70c and im forced to keep playing as arc mines, i grabed a pen for 1ex around 8am and the 2nd one for 2ex by around 4pm. Turns out kaom card drop is abysmal and guardian maps are 15c somehow, why bother with 11s or 15s if 16s are almost free, i started buying guardians and farming frags and maps

3-saturday 1pm – saturday 8pm

after doing guardians and fixing atlas i had around 10ex and finished up my gear, at this point i noticed MT was still 13c and white sex <1c, i decided to grab the elder orb and start spamming MT on channel for tabulas and maps.

4-Saturday 8pm – Sunday 7am

yea that elder orb took a while, the main problem was trying to hit all 5 in one spawn so i had to learn the new atlas and make it have 20 reds on spawn if possible, i messed up a few times and had to restart and spent a lot of chaos buying specific reds, after getting the 15frags i went for shaper and got a solstice, there was none for sale and i thought maybe i just got ~8ex there, i got excited and did a few more shapers and got another solstice and a sun, unfortunately no one wanted them and i sold for 20c each by the end of the day as i wanted to convert everything asap. now i had my elder orb and was time for channels, would have been great to get the 4th sextant but i'm not skilled enough to do uelder with the gear i had and figured i wouldn't find a boss killer to do it on day2

5-sunday 7am – monday 8am

still couldn't believe MTs were only 12c, i started stockpiling on saturday and was up to 30 in the stash now, with whites also super cheap i could afford to roll 500% sextant for every single map, after this whole day on channels i had some 35ex for selling maps and tabulas. This is when i remembered scarabs were a thing and, well, they were.

6-Monday 8am to now

so i spent ~45 of the past 60h doing eldered channels with scarabs, you know how one picture is worth a thousand words? this is what i got from one single eldered channel with rabs, the biggest downside was trading for it, i had to do 3 separate trades for every map i'd run, plus i often had to sell the t11+ maps one at a time, which was super time-consuming and boring, still was effective tho.

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I still wanted that 4th sextant and could have found a killer now but the amount of time to shift elder to guardians, spawn, kill and shift back to channel, those are hours i could farm many exalts and since i wouldn't play for more than a day or two, just decided to go 3sex all the way

My choices were cartography, divination and ambush, all gilded. Right when i started they were 13c 7c and 3c, i honestly considered converting all my currency into scarabs when i noticed how underpriced they were for what they were doing but trading that much currency 1 scarab at a time using livesearches would make me unninstal. Plus i figured mirrors would go up at about the same rate. Right now they are 45c 14c 10c which is still great with MT but meh without a proc, some tests would be required to evaluate worth but my guess is 55 17 12 without MT and 110 25 12 with a proc. I kept converting and trading for mirrors mon-wed which cost me 41, 51 and 62ex respectively.

Time to go back to life and play casually for the rest of the league, all in all it was a lot of fun and worth the time and effort for me even if just to see if i could beat my delve farm


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