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Now that exalt prices have skyrocketed again, here’s my favorite currency farming method!

Content of the article: "Now that exalt prices have skyrocketed again, here’s my favorite currency farming method!"

Exalt prices are back up and it's a struggle to be able to afford the items you want. Have no fear, this farming method will have you swimming in currency in no time, with very little startup costs (assuming you farm a few of the items yourself, it's easier than ever this league though!)

So, what you need:

  1. 3 delirium orbs. Type doesn't matter, but currency is, of course, the best option. I have found about 12 of these from currency/trinket heists, or you can buy them cheap.
  2. AT LEAST the nemesis map craft unlocked. Preferably both nemesis and beyond crafts
  3. Awakened sextants. Only two… If you're absurdly lucky (DON'T BUY THESE, farm them yourself)
  4. Three scarabs of your choice, from these options: breach, legion, metamorph, strongbox, perandus, or harbinger
  5. 3 high tier maps (t16 is obviously best.)
  6. A character that can survive a lot of punishment
  7. (optional) 0% xp or level 100 (I don't care what your build is, you are gonna die a few times.)

Edit: So, the best way to do this is just to use upgrade every sextant you find and upgrade them to awakened, then use them as normal. Don't try to force these sextant modifiers, there is a good chance you will spend more on the sextants than you will make.

When you roll one of these two modifiers; "Slaying enemies close together has a 6% chance to attract monsters from beyond + Beyond portals have a 33% chance to spawn an additional beyond demon," or "Nemesis monsters drop 3 additional currency items," set it aside and keep going until you roll the other (on a different colored watchstone, you need them both together.)

Note that you can do this without the beyond sextant mod, but that modifier makes more than 33% more profitable alone.

Grab your 3 maps (double check that they are in the same area that the watchstones are socketed, and don't forget you can move the watchstones if you don't have maps in the appropriate area).

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chisel them, slap the delirium orb on them, and then roll them until they have either a nemesis modifier or a beyond modifier. MAKE SURE it doesn't have any mods particularly dangerous to your build, and try to avoid added damage mods as well. This is gonna be hard enough as it is.

Next, put it in your map device with your choice of scarabs. Select either an Einhar or Alva mission if one is available (jun will be too difficult). If your map has a nemesis mod, use the beyond craft. If it has a beyond mod, use the nemesis craft. If it has both (you lucky trucker) give it the beyond craft anyway. Now, prepare to get rich, and probably die a few times.

The best plan is to turn off visible loot (currency fills the screen really fast and blocks your vision,) and slowly advance around the map, clearing an area of mobs and then turning loot back on and picking up your haul. Ideally you don't want to lose all of your map portals, so play it extra safe, but even if you die 6 times the loot you make it out with will be worth the time invested. Don't forget to drop off your inventory if you do die, to make more space!

Tips: The most important thing is to summon as many beyond monsters as possible. Every single rare will drop 3 pieces of currency, and beyond monsters spawn frequently as rare monsters. So for instance, if you find a legion encounter, ignore the big monsters and just try to kill as many small mobs as possible; it will result in a higher number of rares overall.

Many people don't like harbingers, but they seem to summon absurd numbers of beyond monsters. The mobs harbingers summon are so close together they constantly open beyond portals when they die. Harbinger scarabs are probably your best option, followed by breach, then metamorph, then perandus, then strongboxes

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Good choices for your other two sextant mods are + breaches, + abysses, magic/rare/normals maps have more magic/rare/normal packs, 4 additional packs of mirrored rare monsters, etc.

Alch strongboxes hoping for the + rare mob guardian mod, but don't waste currency rerolling them if you don't get it, it usually isn't efficient.

Blight encounters are tricky, they are worth doing for the monster spawns but you probably won't succeed and will likely die.

Don't expect to be able to use stones of passage in Alva's missions. Delirium + beyond monsters everywhere makes it extra hard. This strategy can therefore cripple your next temple run if you use alva (if you care about Axoatl, use einhar. He is almost as good.)

Finally, I know I said it before but MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE EXPERIENCE YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE before attempting this. You might think your build is the best, but the sheer number of enemies you will be facing is going to be a struggle for anyone. I warned you, don't come crying to me when you lose 60% of level 99 trying this!

Let me know if you have any questions, good luck exiles, and stay sane!

Edit: I'm a bit surprised at all of the negative responses here. If you prefer making your currency through trading or just hate picking it up, obviously this guide isn't for you. This was more intended to help newer players who won't know how all of these things work. Please be courteous to your fellow exiles!

Edit 2: I guess I wasn't clear enough in my guide… I'm going to put it here and try to make it more clear in my post. Trying to buy sextants to force these mods to appear is not ideal. Unless you are really lucky, you will be spending a good amount of your potential profit on those sextants, and may not even break even. Upgrade every sextant you find to awakened, use them as normal and when you find one of the two sextant mods you need, pull out that watchstone and set it aside. For reference, as a medium player (~4 hours a day), every league I find the nemesis modifier around 2-4 times. The only thing I do to try to find it, is make sure the only sextants I ever use are awakened.

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