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Obvious but easily missed tips for people who don’t want to bother with Harvest or don’t have much time

You can utilize the T1 harvest crafts pretty easily, with little time or brain power spent in several different ways:

1)Free Alchemy and Chaos orbs on maps, i have never even ran a non yellow map this league past the first day, you can simply autoplant and just use the crafts you don't need elsewhere on your maps, reroll maps with mods you can't run without having to spend chaos

2)jewel crafting with target mods, pick popular mods like life, fire, chaos and use those for jewels, i managed to craft several 10c+ jewels already this way, it's just slightly better than a simple alch but it's technically "free"

3)free divines, you can use your randomize values crafts on the gear you use, this one is fairly obvious but it's pretty amazing granted how common it is

4)free fusings, self explanatory like divines, use your link sockets crafts to save fusings

Now this is all simple and obvious to most experienced players but the best part comes right here is on how to setup your garden:

Simply plant 3 of each color of collectors randomly anywhere where there is enough space

Autoplant as much seeds as possible, come back to it and use it whenever you need one of the above mentioned crafting options

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After finished autoplant again

This way you'll be able to utilize the above mentioned 90% of the time, sometimes the autoplant feature might miss a specific type of seed so if you're in dire need of specific craft, just read what the seeds do and make sure that seed is planted, very little reading and planning required

If you decided not to bother with Harvest and you prefer other parts of the game like me, that doesn't mean you have to ignore it completely, you can use this simple options efficiently and fast to help you save a lot of currency without ever even spending a second on planning and reading if you don't want to, simply autoplant and come back and repeat


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