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# of clicks to loot a juiced map. 5 minute clear, 15 mins to pick up loot. There HAS to be a better way to do this…

Before anyone jumps on me, sure, this is completely a "first world PoE problem" but I just can't take the loot clean up anymore and even though its profitable, it's actually physically painful.

From a fully juiced tier 15, 100% delirium, 4 gilded scarabs, nicely modded sextants/watchstones and alva…

Here is a list of how many times I click (on average) to loot after completing a map with an UBER STRICT CUSTOM FILTER:

  1. 165 alteration orbs
  2. 190 Simulacrum splinters (I usually end up with 220~ but 2 drop in stacks of 15 from bosses)
  3. 50+ chaos orbs
  4. 140 orb of fusing
  5. 30 scour
  6. 30 sextants
  7. 30 orb of horizon
  8. 30 vaal
  9. 50-100 random currency (regret/GCP/stacks of small currency/large stacks of shards from harbinger drops)
  10. 20-50 timeless splinters
  11. 20-50 stacks of rogue markers
  12. +100-200 for things that arent listed but cumulatively add up.

TOTAL = 1,000+ individual clicks on average just to clean up a map that even leaves most things behind.

I dont pick up alchemy orbs, jewelers, regals (any currency that is more than 300:1 ex) uniques(except t1), rares, influenced items, etc and the maps are so bloated If I hit Alt by accident, theres a good chance the game crashes.

I know this doesnt apply to how most people play PoE so Im sure there will be people who say "no one is forcing you to run these juiced maps, just play something else". Fine. That's fair – but it IS a part of the game and GGG make's it so damn miserable.

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It takes a very well geared character with lots of investment to set up and run this kind of stuff. It should be fun. It shouldn't be an absolute chore and literally, physically painful to play at the end-game level.

Do other people running these maps just ignore the 2-4ex in drops that fall on the ground each map so the looting doesnt take as long?

Or does everyone else just tough it out because making 5-10ex an hour this way is "worth" it?


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