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Path of Building Community 2.0.0: CoC, General’s Cry, Total Build DPS, Optimisations and more


  • The big 2.0 update is finally out with some pretty large features that have been long requested.
  • Full support for triggered skills, either from Cast on Crit or from an item such as Cospri's Malice.
  • Support for skills that are triggered by General's Cry
  • Combined DPS from multiple skills in a build such as multiple different minions.
  • Performance improvements that reduce the amount of RAM used, speed up calculations for gem recommendations and optimise the node power calculations on the tree.
  • PoB will now also import your cluster jewel nodes without you needing to manually allocate them every time you reimport your characters tree.

=============PLEASE READ============

The new feature to add a total DPS for all your active skills is much more performance taxing when sorting by "Full DPS". This is especially true when using the node power sorting on the tree and having multiple skills in your "Full DPS" list (can take 40s with 5 active skills in a build on my system that has a 12 core 5900x and RTX 3080)

This update changes a large amount of code so it might be a bit more buggy than usual

=============PLEASE READ============

Images for changes:


  • Add support for many trigger-based skills and items ( Nostrademous )
    • Cast on Critical Strike
    • Cast on Melee Kill
    • Cast while Channelling (updated)
    • Crafted "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill"
    • Crafted "Trigger Socketed Spell when you Focus" (requires Configuration Tab "Are you Focussed?" being check-marked)
    • Cospri's Malice
    • Mjolner
    • Poet's Pen
    • Maloney's Mechanism
    • Asenath's Chant
    • Kitava's Thirst
    • Trigger Information was added to the Calcs Tab breakdown with a recommendation for the amount of Increased Cooldown Recovery needed to hit the next threshold and information about any mismatch between trigger rate and attack speed in multi-spell trigger rotations that could result in your attacks hitting before spells were off cooldowns resulting in "wasted" triggers
    • NOTE: For Cospri's and Mjolner – the mechanic that "multiple copies of the same spell share a cooldown" in a single or dual-wielded Cospri's setup has not been implemented. User's need to do their own calculations to ensure cooldowns don't overlap in such advanced situations.
  • Add support for mirage-based skills/items ( Nostrademous )
    • General's Cry (also added support for "General's Cry has +1 to maximum number of Mirage Warriors" helm enchant))
    • The Saviour (if dual wielding, only 1 mirage warrior per "Reflection" skill is used)
    • Mirage Archer (also added support for "+2 to maximum number of Summoned Mirage Archers" Occupying Force Deadeye notable)
    • NOTE: Mirage Archer creates a "new" Skill Group called "Mirage Archer" which provides the DPS and breakdowns associated with the mirage archers when the support gem is enabled (it also generates it on mouse-over of "enable" checkbox which is annoying and known but hard to fix … sorry).
  • Add support for total DPS roll-up of multiple skills ( Nostrademous )
    • Each Socket Group in the Skills tab now has a new checkbox to the right of "Enabled" that states "Include in Full DPS:" allowing you to opt-in what socket-groups to include in Full DPS roll-up
    • For Vaal Skills logic has been updated to split every Vaal skill into the Vaal and non-Vaal "enable" checkbox below those skills (previously only skills where both of these have global aura or active components would have this)
    • With respect to Damaging Ailments, Full DPS roll-up reviews all included damage options and picks the largest Ignite/Bleed from amongst those while summing together all sources of Impales/DoTs/Poisons/Decays
    • For Skills / Minions that have multiple Stages or Skill Parts, Full DPS uses whatever the currently set Stage or Skill Part is in the left-hand-side Main Skill drop-down –
    • Once at least one Socket Group is included in Full DPS roll-up all DPS compares will include the Gain/Loss using Full DPS roll-up (in addition to whatever Main Skill you have currently selected) –
    • Full DPS impact is included in Gem recommendations, Node Power, Power Report, Node compares, and Item compares
    • NOTE: for each skill added into the Full DPS roll-up there is a "performance" price your PoB will pay. There is no way around this. For example, to give you the data associated with the Power Report when you have 6 active skills in the rollup we have to calculate the impact of each node in the tree on each of the active skills and compare the "before" and "after" values. Individual node compares should still be quick and we spent many hours improving the efficiency of various systems to speed and optimize the calculations, reasoning over 2 skills will still take longer than over 1 skill which is all that was supported until now (your Main Skill selected skill), let alone 6-8 skills. You are warned to have patience.
  • Add integer scaling for active skills via a "count" variable (multiple minions, mines, etc.) ( Nostrademous )
    • This interacts and affects only Full DPS roll-up calculations
    • It allows you to scale (in integer steps) the damage of any non-support skill
    • This was designed to allow you to get a better DPS value for skills that have shot-gun mechanics, support for multiple totems/minions/mines/traps, support for skills that can multi-hit a target (e.g., Ball Lightning), support for skills with multiple projectiles that overlap on a target
    • Setting the Count to 0 for a skill makes the DPS 0 for Full DPS purposes
  • Add least effective allocated node setting to power report ( Wires77 )
  • Add dynamic loading for passive skill tree versions, reducing memory allocation ( Nostrademous )
  • Add mana reservation breakdown ( Wires77 )
  • Add ability to paste with right-click ( Wires77 )
  • Add support for GGG's new API allowing us to populate Cluster Jewel nodes on character import ( Nostrademous )
  • Add full support for Doryani's Prototype's lightning resist mods ( andrewbelu )
  • Add handling for Doedre's Skin's ignore curse limit mod ( andrewbelu )
  • Add support for Blunderbore's shrine effect mods ( andrewbelu )
  • Add support for The Admiral's lowest resist mod ( andrewbelu )
  • Add support for Actum's crit modifier ( andrewbelu )
  • Add Culling DPS to sidebar if build includes a source for Culling ( Nostrademous )
  • Add support for The Dark Seer's Malediction debuff ( Helyos96 )
  • Add support for Precursor's Emblem ( Wires77 )
  • Add new Enchantments and fix enchanting UI ( PJacek )
  • Add support for Flickershade Spectre chaos damage conversion ( Wires77 )
  • Add more support for Intimidate and Unnerve ( andrewbelu )
  • Automatically generate Watcher's Eye mods ( Wires77 )
  • Node power now accounts for total power along the path ( Wires77 )
  • Inspiration charges now default to maximum ( Wires77 )
  • Damage header in calcs tab now respects thousands separator preference ( mweber15 )
  • Remove garbage collection calls to improve memory usage ( Wires77 )
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  • Fix Brand Attachment Limit for several skills ( Wires77 )
  • Fix Flask Effect calculating incorrectly in certain situations ( Wires77 )
  • Fix Divergent Nightblade to grant Increased Crit Chance instead of Base Crit Chance ( pundm )
  • Fix Fanaticism applying to attacks ( Wires77 )
  • Fix wording on Hyperboreus, Kitava's Thirst, and Poet's Pen ( Nostrademous )
  • Fix Voidshot parsing incorrectly
  • Fix Divergent Ensnaring Arrow
  • Fix Physical Damage Reduction incorrectly assuming negative values ( andrewbelu )
  • Fix Anomalous Infused Channelling Support ( ALT-F-X )
  • Fix Curses with two words parsing incorrectly ( Wires77 )


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