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Path of Building Community Fork v1.4.170.1: 3.11 Gems


A new update is out with support for the new 3.11 gems and a bunch of other new features. The new Warcry gems do not have full support yet but they should hopefully be done soon.

Thanks for everyone who dropped by my first PoB stream on launch day to ask some questions, I greatly enjoyed it and will try to do it more in the future if there are people who would like me to do more dev streams in the future.

If you find bugs that were introduced in this patch create a bug report on GitHub or let me know here.


Images for all additions –

  • Add all new gems from 3.11
    • Full support:
    • Earthshatter
    • Arcanist Brand
    • Penance Brand
    • Wintertide Brand
    • Fist of War Support
    • Urgent Orders Support
    • Swiftbrand Support ( quote_a )
    • Partial support:
    • Ancestral Cry
    • Generals Cry
    • Intimidating Cry
    • Seismic Cry
  • Update gems with 3.11 changes
  • Update uniques with 3.11 changes ( Peter Pölzl )
  • Add basic support for Warcry power ( quote_a )
  • Add large breakdown for character defences ( Regisle )
    • Shows detailed breakdowns for defences
    • Includes effective hit points against hits and DoTs for each element
    • And much more
  • Add UI for annointing amulets ( dclamage )
  • Add dropdown to select dps field for sorting support gems ( uilman )
  • Add prefix/suffix tag for crafting options ( kkevinchou )
  • Add support for Scorch, Brittle, and Sap ( quote_a )
  • Add parsing for Tailwind mod on Hunter influenced boots ( quote_a )
  • Add support for Supreme Ostentation Keystone ( Peter Pölzl )
  • Add support for Glancing Blows Keystone ( Peter Pölzl )
  • Add support for new Rage nodes and Chainbreaker's two regen related mods ( quote_a )
  • Add support for "as though dealing more damage" for Shock, Chill, and Freeze ( quote_a )
  • Add support for Overshock and Voltaxic Rift max shock mod ( Regisle )
  • Add support for stance nodes on the tree
  • Add support for two-handed Impale nodes on the tree ( PandaLivery )
  • Add support for Attack Critical Strike multiplier while Dual Wielding
  • Add Mortal Conviction to Skin of the Lords ( Peter Pölzl )
  • Add 75% cap for buff expiration speed ( einzor )
  • Add support for Daresso's Courage block mod ( sabrecat )
  • Add support for Liege of the Primordial golem elemental immunity ( sabrecat )
  • Add support for Arcane Blessing ailment immunity ( sabrecat )
  • Add total for "reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes" on the calcs page ( sabrecat )
  • Add support for cooldowns rounding to the nearest server tick ( Regisle )
  • Add hard caps to attack, cast, trap throwing and mine throwing speeds ( Regisle )
  • Add better support for Soul Tether unique belt ( quote_a )
  • Update Area of Effect calculations showing breakpoints for skills ( PJacek )
  • Clamp skill gem options to make comparing gems more consistent( Lothrik )
  • Fix incorrect enemy armour calculations
  • Fix importing bug with 2-line implicit Cluster jewels
  • Fix crash related to Cluster jewel Keystones on the calcs page ( dclamage )
  • Fix bug where the node power calculator would sometimes break when using Impale ( dclamage )
  • Fix Consecrated Path not applying more damage to close targets ( PJacek )
  • Fix Herald dependent mods applying while unbuffed ( PJacek )
  • Fix parsing for bleed infliction/immunity mods ( Peter Pölzl )
  • Fix several typos on uniques ( Peter Pölzl ) ( quote_a )
  • Fix Talisman tier parsing( Lothrik )
  • Fix Hybrid flasks not counting as Life/Mana flasks ( Peter Pölzl )
  • Fix for Berserk quality attack damage not applying properly ( dclamage )
  • Fix for Dying Sun not changing "increased" to "reduced" properly ( dclamage )
  • Fix faster bleeding mods not being displayed ( PJacek )
  • Fix 20 quality Awakened Generosity not increasing supported auras level ( AdmiralChopper )
  • Fix Snipe stages applying incorrectly to the Snipe skill
  • Fix Stormbind damage per improvement ( Lothrik )
  • Fix Elusive calculations not applying properly ( kkevinchou )
  • Fix node search not updating when switching Cluster jewels ( Fish013 )
  • Fix tooltip for Feeding Frenzy
  • Fix bug for brand nodes on the tree
  • Fix support for corpse pact
  • Fix poison node on the tree for spell skills applying to cold DoTs ( dclamage )
  • Fix parsing for the new Purposeful Harbinger mod( pikzen )
  • Fix calculations of crab barriers ( pikzen )
  • Removed 20% more physical damage while dual wielding ( stephanabel )
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If you do not have access to an admin account on your computer, we recommend using the portable version for now

If you want to download our fork, head here:

If you're interested in contributing to the fork, head here:

If you want to suggest a feature to add, head here:


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