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Path of Building Community v1.4.170.12: Timeless Jewel Support

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Timeless Jewel Support


Hey everyone, new update is out with full support for the new skills and reworked old ones. This update also includes some long awaited features from players, that being Timeless Jewels and a table that breaks down the best nodes on your tree

Path of Building Community now has its own website! ( ) We made it so you see at a glance what Path of Building is all about, conveniently download our new releases and easily spread the word. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know.

This release also includes support for exposure on gear/tree/gems

For future updates we're working on the ability to show the combined DPS of multiple skills (e.g CoC or minion builds) and some performance improvements that should help when PoB is idle in the background.

Since the last post I made didn't get as much attention I wanted to again give a massive thanks to all the people in the PoE Tool dev discord who pitched together to figure out the new file compression system. There were plenty of different people who came in to offer their help. Without them this update would have never been out this soon.


Images for some additions –

  • Add support for Timeless jewels and their mods ( Wires77 )
    • Timeless jewels will now convert Keystones on the tree
    • You can change the mods on nodes by right-clicking and selecting which stat you want
  • Add full support for Exposure on gear and the tree ( PJacek )
  • Add Power Report on the tree tab to show a table of the best nodes for your build ( johnhargrove )
  • Add full support for 3.12 gems
    • Hexblast ( uilman )
    • Blazing Salvo
    • Void Sphere
    • Crackling Lance
    • Frost Shield
    • Splitting Steel ( quote_a )
    • Sigil of Power
    • Flame Wall
    • Impending Doom Support ( uilman )
    • Pinpoint Support
  • Rework gems from 3.12 Changes
  • Add support for the majority of the alternate quality gems ( Wires77 ), ( uilman ), ( Nostrademous )
  • Add config option for phys gained as random element mods ( quote_a )
  • Add Syndicate Operative Spectre ( Kayella )
  • Add Primal Crushclaw Spectre
  • Add Frost Auto Scout Spectre ( Kayella
  • Add Artless Assassin Spectre ( Kayella )
  • Add Cloud Retch Spectre ( Felgrey )
  • Add enchantments for new 3.12 skills
  • Add oil recipes for new 3.12 tree nodes
  • Add in all 3.12 uniques ( Peter Pölzl )
  • Add support for a majority of new uniques ( Wires77 ), ( Nostrademous ), ( Regisle ),
  • Add better support to show the combined DoT damage for some builds ( quote_a )
  • Add support for Triple Damage( Nostrademous )
  • Fix curse effect breakdown not working for mark and hex skills
  • Fix Supreme Ego incorrectly scaling some skills ( PJacek )
  • Fix display of alternate quality gems ( Nostrademous ), ( uilman )
  • Fix import of alternate quality gems ( FWidm )
  • Fix bug where viewport would not scroll horizontally ( Wires77 )
  • Fix showing top node if the skill doesn't do damage ( Wires77 )
  • Fix intensity being capped at 3 ( uilman )
  • Fix pinpoint incorrectly scaling ailment damage
  • Fix Predator support not showing up on the configs page ( wjdeclan )
  • Fix Glancing Blows not using the correct block effect value for eHP calculations ( wjdeclan )
  • Fix tooltips for several skills (Warcries, Penance Brand etc.) ( Nostrademous )
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If you'd like to spread the word about our project, link our website:

If you want to download our fork, head here:

If you're interested in contributing to the fork, head here:

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